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   Chapter 970 Do You Even Have A Conscience

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 8335

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Sean's legs quivered in fear. Although he used to be a policeman and had been the head of the Public Security Bureau, a gun to his head would still scare him. He slowly raised his hands in the air as a sign of surrender and turned to Linda.

"What the hell are you doing here, Linda?" Sean glared at Linda with adamant eyes.

"I was about to ask you the same thing, Sean. What the hell are you planning to do with Christina? The two of you are already divorced. How dare you bring her to a hotel and even drug her? Haven't you learned anything about the law from before, you piece of shit?"

Linda cursed at Sean furiously. Her actions made Sam laugh loudly.

Sam was amused by how the Lady of the Mu Clan would often be crude and tough as a man whenever she got furious.

"We were husband and wife once. We have been divorced but a simple meeting should be okay. Don't you think I have at least the right to ask for a reunion?"

Linda had always thought of Sean as a respectful gentleman. She even worked together with him to capture criminals such as Derek Xie.

She never expected Sean to be such a malicious and immoral man.

She was disappointed with him and didn't want to talk to him anymore.

"Okay, then I will call the police and have you arrested! I can't wait to see how the people who had worked for you would react when they see your true character."

Linda lashed out at Sean. She then took out her phone.

She contacted the Public Security Bureau and immediately asked the man who answered the phone to transfer her call to the headquarters of the Public Security Bureau, the place where Sean used to work.

Linda put her phone back to her pocket after the call. She then asked Sam to get Sean away from her since she did not want to talk to him anymore. Sam dragged Sean to the other end of the room, away from Linda.

The room that Christina reserved was a presidential suite. It was large enough that Sam forced Sean to kneel and face the wall farthest from the door.

Sam then sat comfortably on a chair as he ate some chips.

Linda examined Christina with her eyes. She saw that Christina didn't struggle at all and just lay unconsciously on the bed. She was sure that Sean had drugged Christina.

Linda was worried sick with Christina and the awful thing that Sean had done. She dressed Christina and planned to send her to the hospital so that she could be examined. She needed to figure out what drug Sean had given Christina and what possible

iately went upstairs to the suite.

The police from the headquarters had also appeared. They were overwhelmed with confusion as they saw Sean, the previous head of the Public Security Bureau, down on his knees. They looked at each other, bewildered on how to react about the weird situation.

Charles entered the room with eyes full of fury. He approached Sean and kicked him harshly.

"Sean! How dare you? Do you even have a conscience?" Charles lashed out at Sean. His face was reddened with anger.

"Charles, you are very unfortunate to be married to such an evil woman. I have only wanted to get back together with Christina. I came here to apologize to her and try to win her back. What did I do wrong?" Sean continued to spat out lies. He was determined that he could convince the authorities that he was innocent.

Linda could not help but sneer at Sean's ridiculous arguments.

"Don't try to twist your horrible plans with Christina and mask it as a way to win her back! Do you think that I haven't realized what you were going to do if I haven't caught you? Go read the Penal Code carefully and check how many years you are going to spend in jail for your actions today!"

However, Sean didn't believe that he would go to jail. He believed that he hadn't done anything wrong and the phone that could prove otherwise had been smashed by Linda. Sean felt no one could find the truth as long as he did not confess it.

"I saw Christina was feeling sick so I went upstairs to take care of her. Who knew she passed out? I have always been taking care of her when we were together. What did I do wrong?"

Sean still wanted to deny everything!

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