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   Chapter 968 The Last Time

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Looking at Sean's behavior, Christina felt helpless.

"Can you get up first? There are so many people here."

"I'll get up if you forgive me."

Christina refused right away.

"Why should I forgive you? You're acting shamelessly. Do you think I'll buy it?"

Christina could be persuaded by reason but she couldn't be cowed by force.

Sean felt bitter when he heard Christina's words. These days, she was unwilling to see him no matter how much he pursued her.

Their relationship had come to an end so unexpectedly.

Sean thought that it was a pity and that Christina wasn't showing any mercy.

"How about you at least give me a chance to say goodbye to you? I just want to sit with you and have some tea. Is that possible?"

Sean lowered his head with fury in his eyes. He didn't dare let Christina see his eyes.

"I have nothing to talk about with you!"

"Please, this will be the last time."

Since so many people were staring at them, Christina felt awkward. She glanced at Sean, whose eyes were suddenly filled with tears.

Feeling heartbroken, she nodded.

"Fine. But only twenty minutes!"

Since Christina was clear that she would never get back together with Sean again, she thought that there was no harm in giving him a chance to talk to her one last time.

There was a lounge next to the lobby where guests could sit and relax.

"Tell me what you want to say,"

Christina said as she took a seat.

She didn't look at Sean, afraid to see his eyes. What if he stared at her with deep affection? When she first met Sean, she had been attracted by his stare.

She was determined to stand her ground now, but she would still feel sad after seeing it.

After all, she had loved him very much.

"Here you are. This is for you."

Sean took out a thermal flask from his luggage.

"What is it?" Christina a

o Christina.

After all, Christina was going to travel and needed to look beautiful.

After feeding Little Potato, Linda washed her hands and then took out her cell phone to call Christina.

It rang three times, and then the call was hung up.

'What happened?' Linda wondered.

She called Christina again, but this time, she received an automated voice message saying that Christina's phone was powered off.

That didn't make sense at all. Linda had been able to connect to Christina's phone only seconds ago, so how could it be powered off now?

If Christina was already on the plane, Linda wouldn't have been able to connect to her phone in the first place.

Linda called Paul immediately and told him to check if Christina's flight had taken off.

Paul was confused but did as Linda told him to.

Three minutes later, Paul called her back.

"My Lady, I've checked it for you. Lady Christina rescheduled her flight to the next one for some reason. I used her identity card number to check her whereabouts and found that she went to a hotel nearby to have some rest."

"Do you know which hotel it is?"

"Seagee Hotel."

"Thank you, Paul." Linda hung up the call, and then told a servant to bring Sam here.

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