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   Chapter 966 Travel

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The next day, while Linda was sleeping, she felt a tickling sensation on her face.

Last night, Charles had kept bothering her for a long time, so she still felt sleepy and couldn't wake up.


She heard a small voice, so she rubbed her eyes and tried her best to open them. Then, she saw Little Potato lying beside her.

"Little man, what are you doing here?" She pulled him into a hug before putting him on her stomach.

Little Potato looked at Linda and pointed his finger at the garden outside the window.

"Sunshine," he said in a sweet voice. Linda giggled. Who had taught Little Potato to enjoy sunshine?

Suddenly, the servant who looked after Little Potato during the day time rushed in.

"My Lady, I am so sorry. I went to heat milk for the baby, but he was gone by the time I went back."

Linda just smiled. "It doesn't matter. Go downstairs. I'll stay with him for a while."

She liked looking after her babies by herself, so she picked up Little Potato and put him on the bed.

Little Potato had become old enough to understand a lot of things she said, but he could only speak a few words.

"Sweetie, wait here for a moment. I'm going to brush my teeth and wash my face. Then, I'll take you downstairs to enjoy the sunshine, okay?"

It was a sunny day today in April. The weather was warm and a variety of flowers were blossoming.

The flowers and grass in the courtyard were prosperous and very beautiful. Linda was planning to clip them when she was free in the afternoon.

After washing up, Linda put on a long, Bohemian-style cotton dress. This was the best kind of dress to wear in such weather. She wouldn't feel hot or cold.

"Little baby, you must have waited a long time." When she walked back to the bed, she found Little Potato sitting there quietly and waiting for her with his eyes following her

and travel to places that I've never been to. I really like this freedom."

Hearing that, Linda felt sad for Christina.

It seemed Christina hadn't been happy at all with Sean. After all, if one person in a relationship like traveling while the other didn't, the one who liked traveling would feel miserable all the time. Since Sean preferred staying at home to traveling, Christina had restrained herself. Nevertheless, she had endured everything for Sean's sake. It was obvious that she had loved Sean very much.

Unfortunately, Sean hadn't cherished her love.

"Did Sean come and bother you again?" Linda asked.

"He waits outside my house every day but I don't allow the servant to let him in. I've divorced him and I won't ever marry him again. Like the saying goes, a good horse will never turn around to graze on an old pasture. When I first found out that he was cheating on me, I begged him to stop. Since he was cruel to me then, I'll never regret the decision I've made now."

Christina smiled.

Linda saw that the suitcase Christina had brought was a large one. She worried that Christina would be in danger when traveling alone. And it would be troublesome if she was away from home or even in a foreign country.

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