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   Chapter 964 Are You Blind

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After hearing Charles's explanation, Linda realized that he was right.

His words made sense.

"Honey, you're so smart!" Linda said, pinching both his cheeks.

Charles stood there helplessly.

Who else but his wife, Linda, would dare to treat him this way?

In the VIP ward of a big hospital in SH City

Sophia was lying on the bed with her eyes closed.

As usual, Leo had come to the hospital early with some chicken and mushroom porridge that he had specially made for Sophia.

The porridge was still warm in the thermal container.

The food sold in the hospital didn't taste good and Sophia couldn't stand eating it.

So, Leo had been cooking for her for the past few days. It was his pleasure to cook for his wife.

As long as Sophia liked eating the food he made, he would feel happy making it for her.

"Honey, are you hungry? Get up and have some porridge. I cooked it with mushroom and chicken and I think you'll like it."

As Sophia was a famous movie star, she was staying in a single VIP ward where no one could bother her.

But still, there were many reporters waiting at the gate of the hospital expecting to obtain some news. Some of them even wanted to have an interview with Sophia. But Sophia wasn't in a good condition now and hadn't accepted the interviews. She wished that no one from the press field would disturb her while she was in the hospital.

Hearing Leo's voice, Sophia opened her eyes and nodded her head before she sitting up on the bed.

As soon as she opened the thermal container, the aroma of the porridge filled the air, making Sophia feel hungrier than usual.

"Your cooking has really improved. This porridge is so good!" Sophia said, praising her husband.

"Really? If you like it, I can even make it for you every day!" Leo said with great joy. His face turned red as he smiled. Every time Sophia praised Leo, he would look as shy as a college boy.

Love could completely change a person. Before, all Leo could do was silently stand beside Sophia. Now, he co

ong time?"

"Miss Sophia, we heard that when you walked on the red carpet, you fell because the Lady of the Mu Clan pushed you. Is that true?"

"The hospital said that you lost your baby because of the fall. Is that true? If it is, are you going to blame the Lady of the Mu Clan for it?"

"Miss Liu, is there a connection between your miscarriage and the hospital? Did you ask the doctors to try to save the baby?"

The reporters shot all kinds of tactless questions at Sophia, making her feel angry.

How could they be so ridiculous? She was standing here with a bulging belly. How could they say that she had a miscarriage?

Sophia's face darkened. Seeing this, Leo thought that she was too angry to respond and immediately asked her bodyguards to stop the reporters so that he could take his wife home. However, Sophia stood rooted to the spot.

"First, let me answer one of your questions.

I fell because I accidentally tripped over the hem of my dress. It had nothing to do with Linda Xia. Please don't spread false rumors and stop smearing Linda's name on the Internet."

Then, Sophia looked at all the reporters and patted her belly.

"Moreover, are you all blind? I still have a bulging belly. How can you say that I lost the baby? How can you spread such cruel rumors? Are you always expecting others to lose their babies?"

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