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   Chapter 963 Who Tipped You Off

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 7524

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Linda tasted the dish cooked by Charles. To her surprise, his culinary skills had become better.

"Do you like it?" Charles asked as he served Linda another bowl of rice.

Then, he pinched Linda's slender arms.

"You have such a huge appetite but you're still so thin!"

Linda just continued to gobble up the chicken wings on her plate in an unladylike way without responding. Even Paul, who was standing beside them, found it embarrassing to look directly at her.

Charles stared at Linda with soft eyes as if he were looking at a spoiled child that he adored.

Maybe this was the best love in the world.

For the past few days, Paul had been helping Linda gather evidence of Rosy's crime.

As of now, everything pointed to Rosy murdering Alma.

'If Becker isn't the one who wanted Alma's cousin to tip me off about the murder, then who is it?'

Linda was still puzzled.

"Lady Linda, here are all the documents you asked for. You can have a look at them after dinner."

Paul handed Linda a file of documents as well as a flash drive which contained an electronic copy of those documents. The former was for Linda's convenience of browsing while the latter was for archiving purposes. Paul was always systematic in all his work.

Linda nodded and thanked Paul.

"What are you investigating?" Charles asked curiously.

"A homicide case. It concerns Rosy. It seems she has killed one of her servants,"

Linda replied before telling him everything that Bettie had told her.

"A homicide case?" Charles frowned, unable to believe it. 'The murderer is Rosy! She had the nerve to commit murder?

Wasn't she afraid of being sentenced?' he thought.

"Yes. And I heard that the servant didn't even offend her. She just brought her a cup of tea. But Rosy killed her because of a slight disagreement. She has really gone too far this time!"

Charles smiled. "You don't need to personally get even with Rosy. There's no way the members of the Wang Clan will forgive her. You know she pushed Queenie off the tall building, right?"

The only reason Becker and Queenie hadn't confronted Rosy about it yet was because they were busy looking after Anna right now. That didn't mean that they would let the matter go. Once Anna was

d from the car carrying something like a quilt and laboriously walking toward the bank of the river. Then, she threw what she was carrying into the river.

Linda immediately pressed the pause button and saved the video on her computer.

"Well, I've finally found the evidence. It seems that Rosy really murdered Alma!" she exclaimed.

Charles had been watching the videos with Linda.

He said thoughtfully, "Darling, I know who tipped you off about Rosy's crime."

Amazed, Linda turned to him and asked, "Who?"

"It's most likely Jessie. She is the only one who knows that Rosy murdered Alma."

However, Linda quickly shook her head.

"That's not possible. Jessie and Rosy are good friends. They grew up together and have always been close to each other. Jessie always gives Rosy advice when she needs her help. So, it's a bit unrealistic to think that Jessie's the one who tipped me off."

Then, Linda added, "According to the video, Rosy borrowed Jessie's car to take Alma's body to the riverside. Without that car, Rosy might not have been able to get rid of the body. If Jessie wanted to harm Rosy, why did she help her in the first place?"

Charles began to laugh. "Are Jessie and Rosy really on good terms? Are you sure about that? As far as I know, Rosy has always looked down on Jessie. Moreover, Jessie is also a smart girl. The only reason she has been maintaining a close relationship with Rosy is because she has to rely on the Nalan Clan's power to get ahead in life."

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