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   Chapter 962 Compete For Mother's Love

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Linda hadn't seen Anna for a long time, so she stayed and chatted with her for quite a while. It was already dark when she stepped out of Anna's house.

She could tell that although Anna was injured, her mood was really good.

Maybe it was because she had Becker by her side all the time taking care of her.

When Linda reached the gate of Anna's house, she was surprised to see that Charles was waiting for her in his car.

He rolled down his car window and stuck his face out.

"Come on, babe." He waved cheerfully at her.

Linda smiled and got into the car quickly.

There was a light rain outside.

"Why are you here, Charles?" Linda asked curiously.

"I saw the rain outside, so I came here to take you home."

There were a few raindrops on Linda's hair, so Charles reached over and wiped them off with a towel.

"How is Anna now?" he asked.

"She's all right. Becker is looking after her now. When I first got there, I saw his mother give her some soup. They seem to be getting along very well,"

Linda said with a smile.

"Well, that's great, dear. Do you remember what day it is today?"

Charles asked after a while.

Linda was confused.

She thought for a while, and then frowned.

Today wasn't either of their birthdays. What else could it be?

Finally, she gave up. "What day is it?"

"Oh, I guess you don't remember. This is the day we met two years ago! Don't you remember the day you first met me?" Charles was a little upset.

Linda quickly tried to coax him. "Yeah, yeah, yeah, how can I not remember? We first met at the Crown Club!"

Charles just cast a glance at her, as if to say, 'Just a few seconds ago, you didn't remember it at all.' Linda blushed at once, feeling a little sorry for him. It was true that she hadn't remembered it. It wasn't a nice memory for her, so it wasn't strange that she had forgotten it.

But it was also because of that day at Crown Club when she had gone into the wrong room that she had met Charles.

However, Linda believed that if destiny had r

ingredients for her favorite food were always stocked in the kitchen of the Mu Clan's villa.

Then, she went to see her two babies alone.

When Linda entered the nursery, she saw two servants feeding them some dietary supplements.

"Little baby, are you missing me?" Little Potato quickly ran toward Linda when he saw her.

Little Tomato just looked at them eagerly because she still couldn't walk. However, Little Potato had become skilled in walking.

"What are you eating?" Linda asked with Little Potato in her arms. Linda was happy at the sight of her babies.

Little Tomato was unhappy when she saw that her mother didn't come to hug her. She instantly pouted and her eyes turned red with tears. She looked so upset that Linda burst into laughter.

Linda quickly put Little Potato down and carried his sister up.

"What's wrong? Why are you crying?"

Little Tomato kept babbling the word 'mother, ' but she couldn't form any other words.

Even though she was still very young, she already knew how to compete for her mother's love.

Linda coaxed Little Tomato and played with both of her children for a while. Meanwhile, Charles was almost done with cooking. When Linda got a whiff of the aroma coming from the meal, she felt her mouth water, so she quickly handed the babies to the servants and went to the dining room in a hurry.

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