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   Chapter 961 Choose A Wrong Woman

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Just after Linda stopped speaking, someone pushed the door open.

"Why are you so careless? You didn't close the door."

Linda turned to the source of the voice and found Queenie, dressed in formal clothes with her hair in a neat bun. It was obvious from her appearance that she was a rich lady. Her face looked young, as if time hadn't aged her at all.

Queenie was surprised to see Linda.

"Linda, nice to meet you."

"Mrs. Wang, nice to meet you, too." Since Queenie was older, Linda replied to her in a respectful tone with a polite smile on her face.

"How are you?" Queenie smiled back brightly. "I'm fine, Mrs. Wang."

"Linda, you came to see Anna, right? She is watching TV in her room," Becker said, pointing to the door of Anna's bedroom.

Anna had kept the volume of the TV high, so she didn't hear anything that was going on outside. In the past few days since she'd been injured, Becker had been taking care of her all the time, so she lived in comfort. Every day after waking up, she watched TV, went out for a walk, or chatted with Becker.

Linda opened the door and found Anna comfortably watching TV.

When Anna saw Linda walk in, a bright smile appeared on her face.

She was surprised to see Linda here.

"My Lady, why didn't you call me before coming?"

"If I called you in advance, how could I give you a surprise?"

Anna's smile grew bigger. "Aha, you wanted to give me a surprise attack? What were you expecting to see?"

"I was expecting to see you and Becker... Hmm? " Linda raised her brows suggestively.

Anna's face turned red.

"Why are you talking nonsense? My Lady, why are you saying obscene things?" Anna snapped.

"What are you talking about? I meant that I was expecting to see you and Becker getting along well with each other. What did you think I meant? What obscene things did I say?"

Linda retorted, pretending to be mad at Anna.

Anna was the one who wa


"You're right, Rosy was behind it, but I taught her a lesson. It was when I went to see her that I met the victim's cousin."

Linda told Anna the whole story from beginning to end.

Anna was overwhelmed with righteous indignation.

"We're talking about human life! Rosy keeps going too far. She doesn't even take a life seriously."

Anna was a doctor, so she firmly believed that all doctors should heal the wounded and rescue the dying.

Even a slim chance of survival couldn't be missed.

So, she couldn't stand people who took lives away.

"Yes. I've just started investigating it now. I thought Becker had been investigating it too, but it turns out that he didn't know anything about it."

"It wasn't me, but I hate Rosy so much now. She actually pushed my mother down from such a tall building! I don't understand what she was thinking. Why was she so stupid to do anything as she was told to? Human lives don't mean anything to her? She is so stupid but she wants to marry me. Let her daydream!"

Becker spoke with so much indignation that it scared Linda. She didn't know that he hated Rosy so much.

Queenie must also be heartbroken over the incident because she had really liked Rosy.

She had chosen the wrong woman as her future daughter-in-law.

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