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   Chapter 960 Be Thankful To Anna

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Committing homicide was a crime. If Rosy had really killed somebody, she would be punished by law.

In that case, it would be unnecessary for Linda to take actions to make Rosy pay for all the evil deeds she had done.

"Let's go and investigate whether Rosy really murdered a person," Linda said, waving her hand at Sam.

Together, they left the Nalan Clan's residence.

On the way, Linda asked Paul to investigate the incident.

Linda felt guilty for making Paul do so much work these days. To obtain useful information, he had to dash here and there.

Usually, Bun would be the one handling all these matters. But since Bun was pregnant now, Linda had no choice but to ask Paul for help with everything.

But while Linda was feeling guilty for asking Paul to run errands for her, Paul was actually very glad to help her.

Linda couldn't help thinking about how bold and reckless Rosy was.

She had provoked Linda just days after committing murder. Wasn't she afraid at all that Linda would find out about her dirty deeds? Did she doubt Linda's IQ?

At the Nalan Clan's residence, Bettie hid in a little corner of the kitchen behind the Rosy's Garden.

She looked around to check if the coast was clear. Then, she took out her mobile phone and dialed a phone number.

It rang for a while before her call was answered.

"Hey, how's it going?"

"Miss Luo, I've told Linda about the matter as you ordered me to. I think Linda will help me."

"Okay, then you will just have to secretly cooperate with Linda. I'm sure that she will help you take revenge for your cousin. After everything is over, I'll help you leave. I've already made all necessary arrangements for you, including money."

"Thank you, Miss Luo. Thank you!"

After hanging up the phone, Jessie lingered next to the window, enjoying the breeze.

She was overwhelmed by mixed feelings.

She didn't know if it was right for her to help someone take revenge on Rosy. She even wondered if she herself was being too cruel.

After all, she had ever considered Rosy as her best friend. Until now, she had helped Rosy come up with schemes for how to deal with others, but now, she was ganging up on Rosy with everyone else.

"What's wrong? What are you thinking?" Quincy walked into the room and covered Jessie's shoulders with his coat.

"I'm wondering if I'm doing the right thing. Maybe I shouldn't lay a finger on Rosy even if I don't want to be her friend any longer. Have I gone too far this time?"

Hearing Jessie's words, Quincy burst into laughter. Then, he stroked her beautiful bla

ad recovered since they hadn't met each other for a long time.

For the past few days, Anna had been at home on leave.

Since she had broken the bone in her hand while saving Becker's mother, she couldn't perform any surgical operations until she was fully recovered. So, for the time being, there was nothing better for her to do than rest at home.

Linda went to Anna's house with a bunch of flowers in her hand, wishing that Anna would recover as soon as possible.

When she arrived, she knocked at the door. To her surprise, Becker answered the door.

Linda's eyes widened in shock when she saw the person opening the door was not Anna.

"Are you living together?" she asked involuntarily.

Becker's cheeks went red. He scratched his head in embarrassment and responded, "No, I came here to see how she was doing."

"Really? You better not be lying," Linda retorted with a grin.

"Of course I'm not lying. What's the point? I'm her boyfriend, so it would be completely normal for me and Anna to be living together!"

"Uh huh. Becker, how does your family feel about Anna now? Are they treating her better these days?" Linda asked Becker in a very low voice after pulling him to a corner so that Anna wouldn't overhear them.

With a smile, Becker replied, "Yes, they're definitely treating her much better now. My mother is actually making porridge for Anna right now. Once she's done, she'll come here."

"Okay. That's great."

After learning that Becker's family had warmed up to Anna, Linda felt relieved and happy for Anna.

It seemed that Queenie wasn't an ungrateful woman.

Since Anna had risked her own life to save Queenie, it was only logical that Queenie would be thankful to her.

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