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   Chapter 958 We've Burned The Bridge

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'Do you think I can't do this without your help? Jessie, you're too arrogant. Do you really think you can control me?'

Rosy thought to herself angrily.

'Even without Jessie's help, I can get it done.'

She immediately searched online for Weibo rumormongers in order to slander Linda.

Once she found them and hired them, it didn't take long for the news to spread online that Linda had pushed a pregnant Sophia onto the ground.

In the Mu Clan's villa, Linda was playing with Little Tomato and Little Potato. The two children had learned to call her "Mommy" and she was very happy to hear their sweet and soft voices.

Just then, Paul entered the living room.

"Lady Linda, there has been a surge of rumors about you on Weibo. I think someone is trying to sabotage your reputation."

"What happened? What do the rumors say?" Linda asked casually.

She had already heard that the media was spreading rumors about her, but she hadn't been concerned about it at all.

"Remember when Sophia fell onto the ground at the award ceremony and the media slandered you, saying that you pushed her?" Paul asked seriously.

"Oh, but of course I didn't do that. I'm not afraid of those rumors because there were cameras recording everything that happened on the red carpet. Besides, I have no grudge against Sophia. Why should I push her onto the ground especially when she's pregnant? Even if I wanted to harm her, I would do it when no one was around. Why would I push her onto the ground in such a public place with so many cameras? There were many reporters watching our every move! Only a fool would do such a thing," Linda said with puzzled eyes. She hadn't expected the media to be so ridiculous.

"You're right, Lady Linda. That's why I suspect that there must be someone trying to use this opportunity to sabotage your reputation. This morning, the news that you pushed Sophia onto the ground suddenly became the hottest topic on the Internet. It seems that there are a lot of online rumormongers who have many followers talking about it on their Weibo accounts," Paul explained.

"Let me have a look." Linda took out her mobile phone and logged into her Weibo account. She found that the bad news about her had become the most searched topic—"Lady Linda pushed a pregnant Sophia onto the ground when they were on the red carpet."

Many users were discussing the fact that Linda had been at loggerheads with Sophia for a long time.

To make matters worse, there was a rumor that the father of Sophia's child was not her agent, but Charles; her agent had been cuckolded

ompany, so, after saying goodbye to Linda, he left at once.

A few minutes later, Sam accompanied Linda to the Nalan Clan's residence.

As soon as they arrived, Linda went directly to Rosy's Garden.

"Hey, you're not allowed to go in there."

A servant at the door stood in her way.

Sam took out a pistol and pointed it at the servant's head. The servant, as well as all his companions, began to tremble in fear.

With an indifferent smile, Linda entered Rosy's Garden. She had come here to get even with Rosy, so she didn't have to be polite with anyone here.

'I've never really gotten mad at Rosy before. But that doesn't mean I'm a weak person, ' Linda thought.

After entering Rosy's living room, she sat cross-legged on the sofa. Then, hitting the table with her hand, she shouted, "Where's Rosy? Tell her to come out!" At the moment, Rosy was secretly browsing Weibo in her room.

Seeing so many people slandering Linda online, she couldn't help feeling proud of herself. In order to ruin Linda's reputation, she had made up many baseless rumors. She didn't care if it was unethical.

She was absorbed in browsing the news when a servant suddenly hurried up to her.

"Lady Rosy, Linda has come. She's in the living room now and looks very angry. It seems that she wants to make trouble," he said with an anxious look on his face.

Upon hearing what the servant said, Rosy panicked. But soon, she managed to calm down.

'Has Linda found out that I hired those rumormongers to smear her?

She couldn't be so well informed.

And even if she has found out that I'm the one behind all those rumors, she can't do anything to me. We've already burned the bridge anyway, ' she thought to herself.

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