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   Chapter 957 How Dare You Hang Up

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Leo finally heaved a sigh of relief.

After checking on Sophia, Linda left. She was still wearing the long and heavy dress and felt uncomfortable. She knew she could take off the high heels at any time, but it would be improper to wear slippers here.

Paul came here in person and took Linda home.

In the car, Paul opened his mouth to say something but hesitated.

"Paul, if you have something to say, just say it."

"My Lady, news spread that Sophia fell on the floor and that you were the one who pushed her down..."

Linda couldn't help but burst into laughter. "Why would I push Sophia down for no reason?"

"Nowadays, the media always makes up stories. And the entertainment circle is known for making groundless accusations. In the past, you didn't have a good relationship with Sophia, right? And since Sophia also expressed her love for Young Master in public many times, the news seems somewhat believable."

"Whatever. The truth always wins. I'm sure most people won't believe this news."

Linda planned to remain silent whatever the press reported. Anyway, she was not a part of the entertainment circle.

She didn't care about such messy rumors.

In Rosy's Garden in the Nalan Clan's Residence

Rosy was holding her cell phone in her hands and happily scrolling through the trending tweets.

She was still in shock over Alma's death, so she had taken to regularly checking tweets to distract herself.

When she read the trending hashtags, she found the news that Sophia had fallen on the floor today.

After all, Sophia was the hottest female star right now. She was great at acting and singing, so she was very popular. In fact, she was so popular that although she was married and pregnant, she hadn't lost her fans.

Now that she had fallen on the floor while she was pregnant, it was an overwhelming piece of news that spread everywhere.

Rosy checked the comments and saw that many people were accusing Linda of pushing Sophia down.

This was human natur

idn't want to ruin their friendship now.

"I'm sorry, but I'm really not free. Just do it by yourself if you want to. But my advice is not to do it, because sooner or later, Linda will find out that you're the one who did it. If she finds out that you employed someone to tarnish her reputation on purpose, she will get back at you for sure."

"Hmph, I'm not afraid of her. What can she do to me?"

"Don't forget that your grandfather is in her hands. I investigated and found out that your grandfather has already woken up from his coma, but I don't know why there's still no news about it. Anyway, I'm asking you to be careful."

Rosy was startled to hear that. Before she could reply, Jessie continued, "Fine. I have to hang up. I'm going to have a meeting."

"Don't hang up. Help me. Don't do this to me. Why have you become so different now?"

But Jessie hung up before Rosy even finished her words. She sat there fuming for a while. Even now, after all this time, Rosy still wanted to use her and told her to do everything for her.

And she seemed to take it for granted that she could order Jessie around.

Jessie wasn't Rosy's slave.

Meanwhile, Rosy was also fuming in her own house. "Jessie Luo, what do you think of yourself?! You hung up before I finished speaking. You're getting more and more fearless!"

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