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   Chapter 956 Sophia's Belly Ached

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"Will he be going on stage together with us at the award ceremony?" Linda asked, pointing at Charles.

After all, Charles wasn't a member of the cast and crew. He was just an investor.

So was it all right for him to receive the award together with the cast and crew on stage? Linda wasn't sure about it.

In fact, she felt that she shouldn't go on stage to receive the award either.

Everyone else who was here was a part of the cast and crew. Linda wasn't.

"Young Master Mu usually doesn't attend award ceremonies. I think the only reason he has come this time is you,"

Sophia said to Linda with a laugh.

She glanced at Charles and saw him gazing affectionately at Linda. Strangely enough, she felt absolutely nothing.

Maybe this was the difference between love and infatuation.

Now that Sophia was in love with Leo, she realized that she had never felt that way toward Charles. In fact, she had never really expected to be Charles's lover.

Somehow, she had always known that Charles wasn't her Mr. Right.

"Wow! You've graced us with your presence this time!" Linda said teasingly to Charles, laughing as she kneaded his cheeks.

Charles felt embarrassed that Linda was treating him like a kid in front of so many people.

But he knew that Linda was joking, so he just gently hugged her in return.

He wasn't the kind to say romantic things in public.

"I heard from some of my sources that Vengeful Girl with Her CEO will win Best Film of the Year.

On top of that, Alina will probably win the Best Actress award," Adrian said to Linda.

Although he was sitting casually, he looked handsome enough to attract everyone's attention.

"Wow! I'm not surprised. She's a really good actress. What about you? Will you win the Best Actor award?" Linda asked Adrian.

"Probably not. My luck is bad and I have so many powerful rivals. I can't bear to talk about it. It's too painful." Adrian dramatically put his hand over his chest and shook his head, pretending to be heartbroken.

Everyone from the cinema field who had come to attend the award ceremony chatted leisurely among their respective cast and crew as they waited for the ceremony to begin. All of them had already attended the rehearsal. The ceremony would formally begin once they all walked down the red carp

ting outside the operating room. When he saw Linda, he stood up at once and greeted her.

"My Lady," he said politely.

"How is Sophia now?"

"I have no idea. They've taken her into the operating room. Before that, she bled a lot and her pants were wet and red. I'm really afraid..."

Before Leo could finish his sentence, Linda patted him on the shoulder and said, "I believe she will be fine. Don't be so nervous! Sophia has always been healthy. It's impossible for her to have a miscarriage just because she fell down once. Don't worry about it anymore."

"Okay. Thank you, My Lady."

Leo was still anxious about Sophia's condition and didn't know what to do. He really wished that he was the one who had fallen down onto the ground. It was a pity that he couldn't switch places with Sophia.

Ever since Sophia had become pregnant, she had been suffering from nausea and vomiting. For six months, she had tolerated all the discomfort for the sake of their baby.

On top of that, she had put both her acting career and her singing career on hold and devoted herself completely to her family.

It was an admirable thing for a mother to give up her career for the baby. It was no different in Sophia's case.

After about an hour, the doctor came out of the operation room. Leo followed him in a hurry.

"How is my wife?" he asked.

"Miss Liu has been keeping herself healthy, so the baby isn't hurt. But she can't afford to fall down again. All of you should be careful."

The doctor also heaved a sigh of relief.

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