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   Chapter 955 A Reunion Of The Cast And Crew

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"Why would you ask me that? Of course I can walk there,"

Linda asked, still puzzled. "There is an internet cafe ahead.

I think we can go there first," Charles said.

Linda was confused. "Do you want to play games?" she asked.

Instead of responding, Charles lifted her up in his arms.

"Charles! What are you doing? Stop! Put me down!" Linda shouted. Since she was wearing such a gorgeous dress, her yelling made her stand out in the crowd.

She immediately drew the attention of people passing by.

"Just hold me tight, I'll take you there. Your heels are too high, so it will be tiring for you to walk there," Charles explained.

He had noticed Linda limping along, so he was afraid that she would twist her ankle.

He loved Linda and wanted to try his best to take care of her.

Linda rested her head on Charles's chest with her eyes closed. She felt so embarrassed that she didn't dare to look up.

A moment later, they arrived at the internet cafe.

Linda wondered why Charles had brought her here.

Carrying Linda in his arms, Charles walked right up to the last room at the end of the cafe.

Inside the room, he put her down on the soft sofa and crouched down to take her shoes off. Then, he took a pair of slippers from under the sofa and slipped them onto Linda's feet.

"Honey, please make do with these slippers. They might not look pretty but they will be much more comfortable than the high heels," Charles said.

Linda was shocked. She couldn't figure out why Charles was familiar with this cafe and how he had known that there was a pair of slippers under the sofa.

"I didn't know that internet cafes provided slippers.

How did you know that there was a pair of slippers under the sofa? Do you come here a lot? Are you a gamer?" she asked, frowning.

Charles smiled and replied, "I invested in this internet cafe. It's a chain brand. I hold 30% of the shares, so I'm familiar with this place

so her belly was already big and it was apparent that she was going to give birth to a baby.

She was wearing a black dress. Although she had gained a lot of weight, the fancy dress still added to her charm.

Sophia was finally in a smooth relationship with Leo and they both seemed very happy together. Leo had always been head over heels for Sophia, but now, it seemed that Sophia loved Leo very much too.

"Linda, Young Master Mu, nice to see you here," she greeted them with a smile.

Before Charles and Linda could reply, Alina entered the room.

After acting in the lead role in the film, Alina had become a superstar. Her status had been greatly elevated.

But she still kept a low profile and was friendly to everyone. People gave her a high rating for her career in the show business.

She had also publicly thanked Linda many times. "My success is Linda's success. I couldn't have achieved all these things without Linda. She lights up my world," she had said once.

On top of that, Alina and Sophia had finally made up.

Sophia had visited Alina when she was recording a variety show once, so they were on good terms now.

"Ah, everyone is here. I'm so glad to see you all again. Maybe we can walk down the aisle together," Alina suggested with a cheerful smile.

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