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   Chapter 954 Awards Ceremony

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"Honey, you look so beautiful today." Charles sighed in appreciation.

"Are you saying that I don't look beautiful on other days?" Linda knew what Charles had meant, of course, but she pretended to misunderstand his words on purpose to see how he would explain them to her.

Charles burst into laughter at once. "Honey, are you teasing me again?"

"No, I'm not. Answer my question right away. Do you mean that I don't look beautiful on other days? Yes or no?"

Hearing this question, even the make-up artist who was busy doing make-up for Linda couldn't help smiling.

It was said that Young Master Mu was a serious man who was cold like ice.

But now, he was treating his wife so gently and even joking around with her.

He was nothing like the man the make-up artist had imagined him to be.

"No, no. My wife is the most beautiful woman in the world."

The make-up artist applied a layer of light blue eye shadow on Linda's eyelids. Paired with her starry dress, Linda looked like a mermaid from the sea.

Then, the make-up artist curled and tucked up Linda's hair. With this hairstyle, Linda looked very graceful and elegant.

Tonight, Linda was showing two completely different personalities. On one hand, she looked very good-tempered and feminine, but in reality, she was outgoing and extroverted. And her eyes looked particularly beautiful today.

Charles was greatly attracted to the feminine charm of the woman in front of him.

After taking a look at his watch, Paul said, "Young Master, My Lady, the awards ceremony will start in two hours. We have to arrive there an hour ahead of the ceremony so that you will have some time to rehearse."

Charles nodded in agreement.

Then, Paul asked a servant to fetch a box from the table beside them and give it to Linda.

When Linda opened the box, she saw a pair of crystal shoes.

Charles had prepared a beautiful pair of high heels for her.

Linda knew that high heels were necessary for her to attend an awards ceremony. But ever since she gave birth to the twins, she had rarely worn high-heeled shoes. Besides, she had always thought that it was unsafe to walk in high heels.

And these particular shoes had heels that were higher than she was used to — around four inches at least.

"My Lady, Young Master ordered a specially customized pair of high heels for you," Paul explained.

Linda tried them on and found that they fit her well and were very comfortable to wear. She wouldn't feel too tired if she


The onlookers on the street began whispering among themselves when they saw Charles and Linda.

Linda took her cellphone out of her wallet and took a look at the map. They were only about 600 meters away from the subway station. It wasn't that far away, so she thought that they could get there on foot.

But after walking for just a few seconds, she began to regret her decision. Since she was walking in high heels, she felt very tired and uncomfortable even though the shoes fit her well. She wasn't used to walking around in them yet.

Charles was confused when he saw the strange expression on Linda's face. Then, he realized that she was feeling awkward walking in high heels.

Unfortunately, they hadn't brought along a pair of regular shoes for Linda. After all, they had planned to go to the awards ceremony by car. Once they were there, Linda would have to walk only a short distance to the stage. Apart from that, she would just have to sit at the auditorium. They hadn't expected that there would be any reason for Linda to walk more than ten meters at a stretch.

"What should I do now? It's really tiring to walk in high heels. Or can I just take them off and walk barefoot?"

"No, you can't. The ground is very dirty and there's so much gravel. I'll feel really bad if your feet get hurt by a piece of shattered glass,"

Charles said firmly.

He quickly looked around at the surrounding buildings to see if there were any stores that were selling shoes. If he could find a shoe shop and get Linda a pair of flat shoes, she would be able to walk easily.

"Are you okay? Do you think you can walk for just another 20 to 30 meters?"

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