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   Chapter 953 I Promise To Keep You Safe

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 8056

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"You can rest assured. I promise to keep you safe. Once you help me with what I need, I'll help you leave the city. I'll give you a large sum of money, not less than six figures," Jessie assured her.

Bettie's eyes lit up with excitement. Just the possibility of getting so much money made her feel like she was in a dream.

'Six figures? That means I'll get more than 100, 000, right?' she thought with pleasure.

That was a lot of money for her.

"Okay, consider it done," Bettie nodded. She was about to see Jessie off when she remembered something.

"I took 50, 000 dollars from Lady Rosy yesterday. Should I return the money to her?" she asked.

Jessie laughed, thinking Bettie was too innocent.

'Rosy gave Bettie the money so that she would keep her secret. Of course Bettie doesn't need to return the money to her, ' she thought.

She simply said goodbye to Bettie and walked away.


Half a month passed in the blink of an eye.

Since Linda had a bone fracture in her arm, she had been recuperating at home. Now that about two weeks had passed since she'd hurt her arm, she felt better. Although she didn't feel that much pain, she found everyday life inconvenient with the injury.

Fortunately, the weather wasn't hot now, so Linda didn't need to take a shower every day. She couldn't imagine what she would have done if she had been injured in the summer.

In the afternoon, Anna accompanied Linda to the hospital. Linda asked the doctor to remove the bandage on her arm.

Her fracture wasn't too severe, so she could hardly feel the pain now.

She could even move her arm a little.

Since she hadn't been able to move her arm for half a month, she had been feeling very upset. But she hadn't dared to move it with great force in case the wound got worse.

During her recuperation, she had tried to avoid seeing Richard because she was afraid that he would worry about her.

However, according to the news from the servants, every day, Richard played a game of Go with his servants, watered flowers, and raised birds in the yard. Such idle days made him feel happy.

Richard wasn't able to remember all the horrible things that had happened to him, and Linda thought that it was good for him.

It meant that he could finally live out his final years in peace and happiness without having to deal with all kinds of complicated affairs.

Linda didn't want Richa

loosen his tie, she got up and took his coat from him, and then hung it on the coat rack.

"It' a wonderful film festival. You can attend it if you're free. After all, you participated in the production of the film. It's been very well received. Although it has been offline for four months, it still has great influence. Since the film can be streamed on major streaming websites, its influence keeps growing. On several websites, it has received hundreds of millions of hits."

It was true that Linda had also participated in the production of the film. To be exact, she had been one of the scriptwriters. Hearing that the film she had worked on had received high ratings made Linda feel proud and happy.

"When will the awards ceremony be held?" she asked.

"The day after tomorrow at seven o'clock in the evening," Adrian answered.

"Okay, I'll attend it then," Linda agreed happily.

Coincidentally, she would be free on that day. Besides, she had never attended such an event before.

She was excited to go since she knew that she would enjoy the lively atmosphere of the ceremony.

Two days passed by in a flash.

Linda was patiently getting ready for the awards ceremony. Charles had invited a group of professionals to help with her clothes and makeup. Since she was going to attend such an important ceremony, he wanted them to make her look her best.

He had also picked out a dress with a starry sky pattern for her.

Linda put on the strapless dress, which had a unique design that made her look very attractive. When Charles saw her, he smiled at her with satisfaction.

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