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   Chapter 951 The Camera

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Bettie nodded her consent vigorously at Jessie's words and said, "All right, My Lady and Miss Luo, I'll get it right away."

As soon as the door closed behind Bettie, Rosy gasped in shock before collapsing into a heap on the ground. Her face was contorted with fear.

But a few seconds ago, her heart had been beating too fast, and her mind half-goading her to kill Bettie as well.

"Oh my god! This is so scary!" Rosy said, shaking with shock.

"Alright, cut the crap. We need to move the dead body to the car while Bettie has gone for the blanket, or we're done for. Let's move. We're running out of time," Jessie said firmly.

Fortunately, the yard was quiet and empty that they could move through easily. It was late at night and many of the guards had gone for a break. Rosy and Jessie quickly carried Alma's wrapped corpse towards the car.

Although both of them were trembling with fear, they still tried their best to avoid the surveillance cameras.

After some effort, they finally put the dead body into the boot of the car.

"You drive the car. I can't drive right now. I drank wine a while ago,"

Jessie said to Rosy firmly.

Rosy nodded and got into the driver's seat. She was still trembling when she touched the wheel, thanks to her nervousness. It had just hit her that it had been a long time since she had driven a car. But it was hard to tell if she was trembling because she had gotten out of touch with driving or because of what she had just done.

"Come on, Rosy, what are you waiting for? Stop trembling, calm down and focus on driving to the destination. Driving isn't as frightening to you as parking it, is it? Let's go to the riverside in the north. We can't hide the dead body here. People will somehow find it and imagine the trouble we'll be in. It seems a good idea to just throw it into the river."

As Jessie spoke, Rosy started driving the car in a rather rusty way. After driving for some distance, she seemed to regain some confidence as they hit the highway. She became comfortable and accelerated since there were few cars there late at night. Suddenly, Jessie shouted, "Stop! Stop the car!"

Rosy was taken aback. "What the hell are you doing? You just scared the hell out of me! Why did you tell me to stop the car?" she barked at Jessie.

Jessie did not answer Rosy's question but asked her to stop the car in the emergency lane and got of the car. She walked towards the isolation belt and stepped over it. She found two huge pieces of iron and some stones that looked like engineering waste. She tried to take them to the car but they were too heavy for her to carry. As Rosy saw what Jessie was doing, s

ds way over the limit. It was dangerous to drive on the highway with trembling hands, and the speed frightened Jessie even more.

"Slow down, Rosy!" Jessie shouted. "Your hands are shaking. What is wrong with you? Why are you driving like a maniac?"

Rosy looked taken aback, as if she had no idea what she'd been doing all this while. The thought of Alma's dead body had completely filled her mind, causing her attention to wander even while driving. No wonder she looked like she was waking up from a dream when Jessie shouted at her.

They finally arrived at the Nalan Clan's residence.

As they got close to the building, they saw that Bettie was waiting at the gate.

"My Lady, Miss Luo, you've come back! Should I carry the blanket for you or give it to you now?"

Bettie said to them, smiling. Her attitude had changed to a different extreme after she was told that she would get paid to keep mum.

"Jessie is staying with me tonight. Go and get another blanket," Rosy said to Bettie.

Though Rosy was not strong enough to stay alone tonight and wanted Jessie to sleep beside her, she still did not want to share her blanket with Jessie.

Jessie had once stayed and slept beside Rosy before, but then too, without sharing a blanket.

Rosy was more comfortable that way. But deep within, she thought herself a much exalted lady who wouldn't allow anyone of such a low level to get close to her body.

Bettie followed Rosy's order, hurried to the warehouse, and came back with another blanket. She then helped Rosy and Jessie carry the blankets upstairs.

As Rosy returned to her room after the trials of the evening, she let out a deep sigh.

But as she breathed, she couldn't help but feel that there was still a rancid smell of blood in the room.

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