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   Chapter 950 Where Is The Quilt

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Jessie didn't say anything until Rosy spoke to her more politely.

"Let's go to your room right away. Although it is neither too cold nor hot, the corpse will become stinky one day. And then, your homicide will be detected,"

Jessie suggested, while walking towards Rosy's room behind her. Once they were in the room, Rosy looked around to make sure no one was there. And then, she shut the door and locked it.

"I'm scared that someone will come looking for me right now," Rosy said, patting her own chest to reassure herself as she closed the door.

"Where did you hide the corpse?" Jessie asked when she couldn't find the body anywhere in the room.

"It is under my bed," Rosy said, pointing to the bed.

"By the way. I drank wine today, so I can't drive. You might have to drive if we need to get the corpse out. Can you still drive?" Jessie asked her, the cogs of her brain whirring.

"What? But I don't have a driver's license!" Rosy said, surprised at Jessie's question.

"It doesn't matter. You only have to drive a short distance. Can't you drive in a straight line?"

Jessie looked up at Rosy and asked.

Rosy was confused at Jessie's behavior with her today. She easily lost temper at Rosy, acted completely different from usual, and retorted no matter what Rosy said.

But Rosy dared not annoy her, as she needed Jessie's help pretty badly.

This was why she responded patiently, even eagerly, as she said, "No problem. I'll drive."

Right now, their foremost task was to dispose of the corpse.

"What is this servant's name? You will definitely encounter many problems if this servant is found missing. Have you thought about how to deal with them?"

Jessie continued asking questions, which irked Rosy a little.

"I don't know? Why would I call you and ask you to come here if I knew what I should do next?" Rosy said irritably.

Hearing this, Jessie sneered from within, feeling that Rosy was, yet again, asking her to clean up her mess. 'She thinks I have no other work than to be at her beck and call!' Jessie thought angrily.

Her anger knew no bounds.

But in spite of her anger, she still pretended to be calm and said nothing.

She threw Rosy a dry glance as she said, "Okay, let's move the corpse out first."

Jessie squatted down and looked inside. She found the quilt wrapping the corpse, pushed inside so that it stayed away from the outer

for Alma's death. Have you got it?"

"Hmm..." Bettie replied, her body trembling. She didn't know what she had to do. Jessie had shut the gate at once when she saw Bettie, leading Bettie to think that Jessie was going to kill her to keep their secret.

With that thought in mind, she shrieked again and pleaded, "Please don't kill me! Don't kill me! I didn't see anything! Lady Rosy, please let go of me."

Rosy walked over to the night keeper. With her gaze fixed on Bettie, she said, "Bettie, you are a clever girl. I think you know what you can say and what you can't. Am I right?"

She took a bank card out of her wallet.

"Here, I have saved fifty thousand in this bank card. Now, all the money in it will be yours if you keep everything that happened tonight confidential. I didn't commit homicide. I order you not to disclose anything you've seen tonight, only because I hope not to cause any disturbance. What you have to do is to remember that you saw nothing tonight and to prove that I never went downstairs today."

Jessie, who stood beside her, seeing how Rosy was trying to persuade the night keeper to not expose them, thought, 'Rosy has become clever! She has even thought of giving a bribe. Wow.'

After some thought, Bettie concluded that death would be the sole option for her if she declined this offer. So she nodded and accepted it as soon as Rosy had ordered her.

At long last, she took the bribe from Rosy, because she had just gotten married and was in need of money anyway.

"Well, go and get a new quilt for your Lady right away. Why is her quilt missing?"

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