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   Chapter 949 Without A Trace

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 7167

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It was incredible.

"Yes, My Lady."

Then, Rosy went back to her room. She closed the door and wondered what to do. It was only nine o'clock, so it was too early to dispose of the dead body.

But she had to do it tonight. It would be a disaster if anyone else found the body.

Feeling restless, she paced back and forth in her room. She called Jessie several times but there was no answer.

'Are you so busy that you can't even answer a phone call?' she grumbled in her mind.

Rosy hadn't realized the fact that Jessie was still angry at her because of what had happened earlier.

She always took it for granted that Jessie would be nice to her and do everything for her.

So even if she knew that Jessie was unhappy because of her, she wouldn't feel guilty about it.

Soon, the smell of death began to fill Rosy's room. After all, there was a dead body there. It was late March now and the weather was still a little cold, but the smell would gradually start to spread.

Most importantly, Rosy felt nervous. It was the first time she had killed someone with her own hands.

She hadn't given it any thought when talking to Lenny earlier. After all, she had bigger worries.

But now that she was all alone in her room, she was starting to feel scared.

Every minute she waited was a torture for her. Finally, the clock struck 12.

Rosy looked out of her window and saw that there was not a soul in sight. She decided to carry the dead body out and throw it away somewhere.

She needed to throw it in a place far away. She couldn't dispose of it in the neighborhood of the Nalan Clan's residence because someone would surely find it.

It would be impossible for her to walk outside with the body and she couldn't ask anybody else for help, so she decided that she would drive somewhere.

But it was then that she remembered that she had lent her car to Patricia.

'I'm so stupid! Why did I lend my car to somebody?'

Although she didn't have a driving license, she could still drive. It wouldn't be a problem for her to drive straight at least.

She tried to think of another way to dispose of the body but her m


"It's only been half an hour since you called me. How quickly do you expect me to come?"

In the past, whenever Rosy made unreasonable complaints like this, Jessie would say something to make her happy. But today, she didn't want to, so she just fired back a retort.

Rosy was startled to hear Jessie's words. She hadn't thought that Jessie would reply in this way. "Why are you being so narrow-minded? I'm just feeling really nervous right now. Hurry up, come in with me. I'm afraid that there will be a smell in my room if I leave it there for a long time."

"Narrow-minded? Why are you calling me narrow-minded? I came here as soon as you called me to ask for help. How am I narrow-minded?"

"Fine, fine. You're really generous, okay? Geez, what's wrong with you? You're in a bad mood today." In her mind, Rosy thought, 'Humph. If I didn't need your help, I wouldn't even be in the mood to talk to you. Who are you next to me? We're on completely different levels."

Jessie thought, 'Am I in a bad mood?' But she said nothing; she didn't want to lower herself to the same level as Rosy. Rosy pulled her hand and ran into the room.

"Why did you kill a person for no reason? She was just a servant. You didn't need to find fault with her."

"Enough. I asked you to come here to help me, not to teach me a lesson. Once we dispose of the body, it will be like none of this happened. I know I was wrong, okay?"

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