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   Chapter 948 Did Lady Rosy Become Good-tempered

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Updated: 2019-07-27 00:02

"No, no, you don't have to clean it. I just went inside. It's already clean," Rosy refused in a hurry.

"Okay then," the servant replied. She didn't understand why Lady Rosy was telling her not to clean the room even though she was the one who had wanted it cleaned in the first place.

Still, she was glad that she didn't have to clean the room as it meant that she could have a break.

After turning the servant away, Rosy went to see Lenny.

Lenny hadn't seen Rosy for a long time. Now that Rosy had finally come to him, he couldn't help gazing at her for a moment.

"Now you're willing to come back?" Lenny asked.

"Father, how can you say that?" Rosy replied like an innocent little girl.

"Oh? Am I wrong?" Lenny asked.

"I just wanted to pursue my own happy life. That's why I went to Europe. Don't be angry at me, father," Rosy said gently.

When Rosy had gone to Europe to stay with the Wang Clan, she hadn't mentioned to Lenny beforehand, let alone asked for his permission or approval. She had made the decision all by herself.

Right before leaving, she had just sent a message to Lenny to inform him about the trip.

When Lenny had seen the message, he had been furious. In his eyes, girls had to be reserved. After all, the Nalan Clan was a noble family with a good reputation.

How could Rosy run to Europe together with a man before their wedding ceremony?

The Nalan Clan and Rosy herself would be gossiped about if the public found out.

"Fine. What happened? Did you achieve your goal at least?"

Lenny had actually been considering calling off Rosy's engagement to Becker. He was sharp enough to see that Becker didn't love his daughter and he couldn't knowingly allow his daughter to get into an unhappy marriage.

"I..." Rosy's voice began to shake as she thought about it.

Looking at the tears in his precious daughter's eyes, Lenny felt his heart ache. He asked hurriedly, "What happened? Why are you crying? Didn't you feel happy in Europe? Did Becker do something bad to you?"

"No, Becker treated me very well. I'm the one who did something stupid," Rosy answered.

"Oh? W

ked, "What are you talking about?"

"Nothing, Lady Rosy! We weren't talking about anything!"

Seeing Rosy show up all of a sudden, the servants were frightened. After all, they had been speaking ill of her. They felt a little embarrassed that they had been caught by her.

"Nothing? I heard everything clearly. What do you mean, I'll kill you? And you said I've such a bad temper that I'll hit people the moment I see them. When did I ever hit you?" Rosy asked.

There were so many servants in the Nalan Clan and Rosy didn't remember them all. The truth was, several of the servants standing in front of her now had actually been slapped by her before.

But Rosy didn't seem to remember it.

And the servants didn't dare to correct her.

"Anyway, who is Alma, the one you were talking about a moment ago? This afternoon, there was a girl who brought tea to me,"

Rosy said, trying to sound calm.

"Oh? Have you seen her then, Lady Rosy?" one of the servants asked.

"No, I haven't. She left after bringing me the tea. Isn't she here? Has she gone home? You can call her and ask her where she is now," Rosy suggested.

It seemed that Lady Rosy was in a good mood today. If this incident had happened on another day, she would have slapped them on their faces with both her hands.

How could she be so kind to them now? Was it true that Lady Rosy had become good-tempered after returning from Europe?

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