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   Chapter 947 Clean Your Room

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Rosy was taken aback by what Jessie had just said to her. She surmised that she had just been directly refused. 'Have I heard her wrong?' Rosy thought doubtfully. But she wasn't going to let go that easily. So she asked again, "What do you mean? Are you busy right now?"

"No, I am not busy. I just feel very tired and want to take a rest. I'd like to take a rain check."

In fact, Jessie was actually really busy at the right moment. She had gone somewhere with her sworn father. And now, she was drinking tea with several bosses and negotiating with them about businesses. Her sworn father had wanted to introduce these bosses to her, to ensure that she possessed more interpersonal resources.

Jessie had intentionally refused Rosy with the excuse that she wanted to have a rest just to annoy Rosy and let her know that there was no free lunch in this world. Her lie had also meant to enrage Rosy, because Jessie wanted her to know that she was not her subordinate.

"What? Take a rain check? I really have something very important to discuss with you. Couldn't you just come over here? It will be fine as long as you come here today. I can wait for you," Rosy pleaded. She still hadn't discerned that Jessie was deliberately blowing her off.

"I've said that I want to take a rest. Whatever you have to deal with, just get it done by yourself." And then, Jessie hung up. She was having tea and talking about business with some bosses. She thought it was improper for her to keep talking on the phone.

"What the hell is wrong with you, Jessie?! Are you crazy? And you dare hang up on me?" Rosy was so angry at having been hung up on. It took her breath away.

She called Jessie again but this time, her call went unanswered. Jessie had put her phone in vibrate mode and put it aside.

Rosy could feel her heart burning with rage.

She sat down, throwing her phone aside.

'Jessie has gone crazy today! She's even treating me so rudely!' Rosy muttered to herself.

"Know this, Jessie! I will not forgive you unless you come here and apologize to me in person!" Rosy declared out loud.

Noticing a servant hovering in the background, she barked, "Go and brew a cup of black tea for me."

The servant nodded and said, "Yes, Lady Rosy," before retreating to the kitchen.

Soon after, the servant poured a cup of tea and handed it to her. Rosy was still lost in thought about what she had done to Queenie.

She took a sip of the hot tea without thinking and burned her tongue.

"Ouch!" Rosy shrieked and threw the cup away,

e being.

Right now, Rosy was thinking about how to deal with Alma's corpse. She noticed several pieces of dish cloth in one of Alma's pockets. So she took the dish cloth and wiped the blood off the floor. Then, she took the quilt from her bed and wrapped Alma's corpse in it.

Alma was a little fat, so it took Rosy some time and quite some energy to wrap her corpse with the quilt. And then, she tucked the wrapped corpse under her bed. Once she was done with these, she sat down on the bed, exhausted and out of breath.

She then forced herself to stay calm, trying to pretend that she had never spoken to Alma or come out of her room.

When evening came, Abbie, another servant, came to Rosy's room to tell her that dinner was ready and that Lenny was waiting for her in the living room.

It was her first day back home after she had spent the Spring Festival with Becker's family in Europe. Jessie had refused to help her today. Rosy decided that Jessie wouldn't act as her adviser any longer. And now, she had no choice but to ask her father for help and advice as to how to handle the homicide. Either way, she was certain that she was bound to be scolded soundly.

But whatever might happen, Rosy knew that it was inadvisable to hide Alma's corpse in her room.

She dressed up and went downstairs. She encountered a servant going upstairs with a mop and a vacuum cleaner in their hands. Rosy was scared that the servant would go to her room and discover her secret. So she stopped the servant and asked, "Where are you going?"

"Lady Rosy, since you are going to supper, and you'd be away for a while, I thought I could go and clean your room while you're enjoying your meal."

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