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   Chapter 946 I Am Not Available

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"Doctor Xu has woken up. There is nothing serious. You can check on her in the ward later. She dislocated her right arm and fractured her left. She needs to rest for the meantime. It will be an inconvenience for her to move around these days," said the doctor as he removed his mask.

A relieved sigh finally escaped Becker's chest.

"It's great that she is okay. Thanks," he replied.

He prepared to enter the ward and see Anna but then stopped upon turning his head to Queenie. His mother looked as if she was in deep thoughts. It seemed like she was wondering whether she should go with him or not. Thus, he asked, "Mom, aren't you going to see her?"

"Go and see her, Becker. I'm not going. I'm still really embarrassed about everything. Express my gratitude to her..." Queenie's voice faded as she felt a little ashamed and hesitant.

"Let's all go and check Anna together, Mrs. Wang. She had saved your life, right?"

Linda said and smiled.

She could read through Queenie's reactions since she had learned about psychology before. She knew that Queenie was having some emotional troubles right now. She knew that the old lady wanted to see Anna. However, she could also see that Queenie was feeling embarrassed and scared that Anna might be blaming her silently.

Linda believed that the incident today would make Queenie see Anna in a much better light. She was actually expecting for Queenie to like Anna more from this point on. If so, then there wouldn't be any problems between Becker and Anna's relationship. The two might just come to a good end because of this case.

That would be great, especially for Anna.

On the other hand, Anna was already awake while inside the ward. She wasn't okay at all. She was at the brink of cracking up and crying

because her arms hurt so much.

Moreover, who would like to be in a very thick arm-cast?

"How are you feeling now, Anna?" Becker walked in and sat on the bed next to her. He then tried to hold her hand, but then Anna squirmed in pain.

"Ouch! Don't hold it too tight!"

"God! Sorry, I forgot! I'm so sorry..."

Becker instantly got anxious upon seeing Anna's reaction and pulled his hand away as i


"Hey, what are you doing?"

"Nothing. I'm just moving so I could take care of you. You can't use your hands freely now, right?"

Anna was suddenly speechless. How could Becker be both annoying yet funny? He found such an excuse to live with her!

"Are you kidding? My arm just got dislocated and fractured. It's not like I can't do anything. I don't even think that I'll have problems eating."

"No. Look at you. How can you eat? "

Becker retorted with conviction.

When Anna went to brush her teeth at night, Becker took out the brush for her and wanted to help her brush the teeth. Anna might have said no that time, but then felt very happy inside.

After all, she could stay with her beloved man.

Meanwhile, Rosy was restless when she reached home. She thought about it for a long time and wondered if the marriage would be canceled because of this matter.

It was so fucking annoying.

She hurriedly called Jessie. She wanted to discuss everything with her. She believed that Jessie would give a good idea.

It was not long before Jessie picked the phone up.

"Hello. Something serious has happened. What should I do? Are you free now? Come to my home quickly—"

"I am not available."

Jessie's reply made Rosy's eyes wide in surprise.

She hadn't thought that Jessie would respond in this way. In the past, even if Jessie was not free, she would explain what she was doing and tell Rosy when she could arrive.

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