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   Chapter 944 How Much Money Do You Want

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 7051

Updated: 2019-07-25 00:02

Rosy was scared, her legs trembling.

"What are you going to do? What game do you want to play? Please release us first."

Rosy looked down, the sight frightening her. She would fall down any time.

"Don't you think it is thrilling?" The leader was a man wearing a mask, who sat in a chair with his legs crossed.

He looked at Rosy like God looking at an ant.

The Lady of the Nalan Clan was nothing more than this. Her life and death was in his hands now. As he thought this, the masked man became complacent.

"How is it thrilling? Who the hell has sent you? What on earth do you want?"

Queenie asked, becoming depressed. She had just returned to her motherland not long ago and she didn't have any enemy in the country. So why had someone kidnapped her for no reason at all?

"Nobody sent us here. Why should we listen to others' order? Mrs. Wang, your family is rich. You could give us some money, couldn't you?" the masked man said, grinning.

'Are they doing this just for money?'

Queenie thought, but felt it was much more than that.

This kidnapping was obviously arranged much in advance. Otherwise, the other side wouldn't have known who she was.

It was difficult to get any information out of them, so Queenie stayed silent.

"How much money do you want? Let us come down first," Rosy asked, shaking.

"How about we cut the crap and play a game?" The masked man laughed rather cruelly as he lit a cigarette.

"What game?"

"Only one of you two can survive. Will it be you or her?"

"Why can only one survive? I can give you money if it's what you want. But we want to be alive," she pleaded with him.

The masked man shook a finger and said, "No. You can't be that greedy. Either you or she will be alive. Make a choice."

Queenie remained silent. She thought that there was no need to choose. They obviously took her and Rosy as toys to be played around with.

It was best not to say anything now. But Rosy had never had such an experience. She had never been kidnapped. So finding herself in these circumstances for the first time made her incredibly nervou

er head, lost in thought.

"I will set a countdown to ten seconds. If neither of you take action, I will let my people push both of you down."

Queenie kept her eyes closed. She was sure Rosy wouldn't push her down, and she wouldn't do that to the girl, either. What these people wanted was money. If they were asking for money, they couldn't kill the hostage.

So Queenie made a bet. As someone from the older generation, if she killed Rosy in order to survive, she would bear a bad reputation forever.

And even if she pushed Rosy off the edge, would they let her go? It would completely be up to the masked man. Queenie thought instinctively that they wouldn't let her go, so she didn't need to take a risk.

She wouldn't play this game.

"Rosy, just ignore him," Queenie said, her eyes still closed. Her fear of heights didn't let her look down. So she just kept her eyes closed and loosened herself up so that she would feel better.

But she hadn't expected to feel her body lose balance the next second as she fell off the edge of the balcony.

Her stomach plummeted and her eyes flew open.

She looked at Rosy, who was standing on the edge of the balcony, obviously having pushed her. As she fell, she opened her mouth, only to feel the wind gushing as she sped towards the ground. And she knew in that moment that there was nothing she could say. So she just shut her eyes again.

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