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   Chapter 943 Do You Want To Stay Alive

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"You have known each other for so long, but had she ever treated you like a friend? Don't think that everyone can be as nice as you. You can help her because you think of her as a friend, but she will always think that you are inferior to her. Wake up, Jessie! She's just using you!"

Quincy blurted out the truth as he held back his laughter.

He was in his forties, but he was handsome. He had a dignified look and his eyes filled with wisdom.

Jessie was captivated by Quincy's mature look. That was one of the reasons why she didn't refuse to have sex with him, even though she thought it was improper to keep a relationship with her sworn father.

"Okay. Don't think badly of you. I just don't want you to look like an idiot. You should stay away from ungrateful people like Rosy. She will make you serve her and use you for her selfish purpose. She won't help you when you are the one in need." Quincy stood up and grabbed a bottle of wine. He then poured a glass and handed it to Jessie. "If you want any help in your career, you can always approach me. You're the woman I love the most, Jessie. I'll do everything I can to help you. All you have to do is to ask me," Quincy added with a smile.

Jessie was moved by Quincy's pleasant remark. She almost believed him when she heard his charismatic voice.

However, Jessie was aware that Quincy had a wife and son. She expressed her thanks to Quincy but she couldn't hold back her conscience.

Quincy's wife and son were very nice towards Jessie every time she would encounter them.

Jessie would often be overwhelmed with guilt when she thought of her improper relationship with Quincy.

She was young and naive. She had made the wrong decision to be together with her sworn father. Things have escalated to the point that no matter what she tried to do, she couldn't erase her mistakes. She had no idea how to get rid of her relationship with Quincy. The truth was they weren't in love with each other before. Their attraction was purely based on lust.

Jessie was unwilling to be together with Quincy but she knew how to pleasure him well.

Thus Jessie put her arms around Quincy's neck and leaned against his chest, like a meek little cat.

"Don't worry, my dear. I will help you teach Rosy a lesson. She wants to marry into the Wang Clan, right? I will make sure that she doesn't get what she wants. You don't have to help her anymore. Let her realize the consequences of her mistakes. She deserves everything that will happen to her."

Jessie nodded and promised that she would never help Rosy anymore. She had always been there for Rosy, no matter how devious or malicious their plans were. However, Rosy couldn't even acknowledge her, much less be thankful for Jessie's help.

Quincy then asked his men to approach them.

Jessie was still in Quincy's chest. They could act as intimat

. I will look for you after I've settled this matter."

"Are you sure? I can go with you."

Anna was worried. She couldn't help but fear for Becker's safety too.

"No, you can't. It might be dangerous. Besides, they asked me to go there alone."

"We can still go there separately. Calm down and think this through. It would be better to have someone to record your conversation with those guys. We can use it as evidence. This might not be a simple abduction. They have specifically targeted your mother. The mastermind maybe someone influential in this city. They might just be asking for the ransom as a cover for whatever malicious intentions they have towards your mother and Rosy."

Becker had no time to think about the situation, but Anna's words made sense to him. He was able to calm down after her analysis. However, he still needed to rush to the Red Flag Road and rescue Queenie.

Anna and Becker headed out at the same time.

The Red Flag Road wasn't that far away. It was only five kilometers from where they were.

Queenie and Rosy were dragged to the roof of the DX Building at the Red Flag Road. The two of them remained calm as possible in fear that the abductors might hurt them again.

Rosy looked down from the roof of the 39-story building. Hundreds of people and vehicles filled the street way below them. She was frightened when she saw the height of where they stood.

"Please, we can talk about any demands you want. If this is about money, we can give you any amount you want. Put us down first so that we can discuss this properly."

Queenie and Rosy feared for their lives as they were forced to stand on the edge of the balcony of the building's roof.

It would be a 39-floor drop to the concrete pavement if they fell. A single missed step would make them dead.

"Do you want to stay alive? Well, how about we play a game?" the leader of the abductors said.

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