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   Chapter 942 She Has Always Been Using You

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Rosy was unhappy with what Jessie was saying.

'How could Jessie do that?

I've brought Queenie here. How can Jessie be unwilling to send her back?


Even if Jessie has something important to do, I can't believe she thinks it is more important than my request!

Mine will actually decide the course my life will take!' Rosy thought angrily.

Jessie sensed that Rosy was unhappy and felt a little embarrassed.

"Can Mrs. Wang drive? I can leave my car here for you. I really have to hurry to get something important done and I am afraid I do not have enough time," Jessie said.

"You don't have to do that. It's okay. I can wait. My driver has called and informed my home and a car is being sent to pick me up," Queenie replied with a smile, refusing Jessie's offer.

Rosy couldn't bear that Jessie wanted to ask Queenie to drive home by herself. 'Why can't you, my best friend, have a little more consideration for me?' Rosy thought bitterly.

"This isn't good, right? How can you put your own schedule first? It should not matter if you're a little late, should it? You should send Aunt Queenie back first," Rosy said with a tight smile.

Rosy was trying to behave herself to make a good impression on Queenie.

However, Queenie was even more unimpressed with her.

Queenie's eyebrows had furrowed at her words. Rosy didn't notice it, but Jessie did.

However, she wouldn't let it faze her, even though what Rosy was saying meant achieving an opposite goal.

"I am sorry. I promised my sworn father that I'd go there. So I can't be late. Today's dinner is really important to me," Jessie replied politely.

She did not want to step back again. In these past years, she had done too much for Rosy.

Jessie had her own way of doing things and she did not want to do all for Rosy. But Rosy took everything she did for granted. Though Rosy's situation was important, her own business was important as well. And Jessie couldn't put that on the back burner.

"Don't be so uptight," Rosy said to Jessie unhappily, but snarkily.

Since Queenie was present, Rosy didn't want to say anything harsh. So she seemed to take i

n asked.

Jessie's sworn father knew her extremely well and he even could hear the faintest fluctuation in Jessie's mind. From Jessie's tone, he could tell that Jessie must have something unhappy on her mind now.

"Nothing," Jessie said.

She thought it unnecessary to tell him about things between girls.

She hung up and drove in the direction of Quincy's hotel.

She got off, handed the key to the guard, and entered the hotel.

She followed the signs and arrived at Quincy's room.

"Quincy, I am coming in."

On the couch sat a man, who was reading some documents. He looked up as he heard Jessie's voice.

"You said there was nothing wrong. But you're frowning so hard. Tell me, what has happened?"

Quincy asked her.

Jessie looked around. There was no one else in the room. Their guests, Mr. Zhang and his team hadn't arrived yet. Since they were half an hour early for their appointment, Jessie sat down beside Quincy, who promptly put his hand on her shoulder and began caressing her.

"It's not a big deal. I just don't understand why Rosy does not care about me at all even though I have been nothing but nice to her."

"Did you stop to consider that perhaps Rosy never regarded you as her best friend? She has simply been using you as she thinks you can give her useful advice and suggestions to solve her problems."

Quincy smiled as he said that.

"But we have been friends since we were kids..."

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