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   Chapter 940 Love Develops Over Time

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Anna recognized the voice and immediately frowned.

The voice was from Rosy.

'How unlucky could I be? I can't believe I'd see this bitch in the middle of my shopping, ' Anna thought to herself.

She turned around and saw Rosy and Queenie approaching them.

"Becker, where are your manners? You left me and your father behind after you got off the plane, just because you wanted to go shopping with this woman?"

Queenie scolded as she glared at her son. She had a frown on her face and her eyebrows were wrinkled.

"Mother, please. I've told you so many times before! Anna is my girl, the woman that I love and treasure. I hope that you could at least respect her for me." Becker's tone was serious and stern.

Queenie saw how angry her son was, so she didn't talk back. She was still angry with Anna but she didn't want to offend Becker again.

"Are you sure you can afford that type of clothing?" Rosy mocked Anna. She was irritated with how defensive Becker was with Anna, so she decided to speak since Queenie was silent.

"Why couldn't I afford it?"

Anna immediately replied in an angry tone. She had also lost her temper when Rosy mocked her. She was already in a bad mood when she saw Rosy's face, so she was easily frustrated when Rosy tried to ridicule her.

Anna didn't even need to pay for the clothes. Becker wanted to buy the clothes for her as a gift, but it wasn't Rosy's business.

"Are you sure that you can afford it? I think you don't even have any idea how much it would cost. I guess that you've never seen such large numbers, right?"

This shop was a retailer of the Wang Clan's business. Rosy was familiar with the price range of most clothes here, including the one Anna wanted.

Rosy was sure that the dress that Anna tried on was approximately sold at several hundred thousand dollars. Even she would be a little hesitant before she bought such a dress, so she thought that it was expensive for Anna.

Rosy's family also ran a private hospital. They employed doctors that earned a monthly income of about ten to twenty thousand.

Rosy assumed that the doctors in the Mu Clan's private hospital had the same amount of income. She then concluded that Anna's income was not quite high. Rosy thought that since both the hospitals were owned by rich families, Anna should also receive the same wage. However, Anna's annual wage was actually as high as one million.

"Hello, I want to buy this dress. Can you pack it for me? I will pay with my swipe card."

Anna made sure that her voice was loud enough for everyone around her to hear. She couldn't control her temper after Rosy's taunt so she decided to brag a bit.

She grabbed her purse, took out her bank card and then handed it over to the saleslady. She had deposited more than one million into this account over the past years. She could

ueenie and Rosy.

Becker lowered his head as he was overwhelmed with greater grief.

"Why are you apologizing?" said Anna with a confused look.

"It's because I wasn't able to protect you well enough. I should have convinced my family members to accept you as the woman I love. Don't worry, I promise that I will marry you even if they do not approve of us."

"That's all right. I know your mother dislikes me, but I don't care about her. To be honest, I don't like her either."

Anna's voice was cold, with almost no concern.

However, it was just an act. Deep inside, she was truly sorrowful that her boyfriend's family members didn't approve of her.

However, the Wang Clan, as one of the top four clans in SH City, was really too complicated, and Becker was designated to manage the entire business empire in the future.

Anna and Becker finally walked out of the shopping mall. They continued to stroll outside and enjoyed the breeze of late March. It was warm, so many people were dressed in spring clothes.

The two of them walked arm by arm along the street. Becker felt that Anna had forgiven him as a sweet atmosphere radiated between them.

However, Queenie was still inside the shopping mall and she was stunned by how Becker disobeyed her. Her face reddened with anger because her son had just disgraced her in public. She had never felt so embarrassed in her life.

Queenie then turned to Rosy whose eyes had swollen with tears. Rosy was still upset because of Becker's harsh words.

"It's going to be okay, Rosy. Please don't cry."

"I don't know what to do anymore! Becker still doesn't love me!"

"Don't worry, my dear. Love develops over time. He will have a change of heart when he realizes that Anna isn't a proper partner for him." Queenie tried her best to console Rosy. However, Queenie still had no idea what she should do about Becker's marriage.

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