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   Chapter 937 Taking Anna Back Home

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Jessie's enlightening words of advice caused Rosy's annoyance to ebb and mood to brighten.

"Jessie, I'm so happy to have you by my side! I should have gone to Europe with you. While I was there, I was very bored without your company," Rosy said.

Jessie smiled but didn't say anything else.

They sat for a while, sipping on their coffees, and then went home. Rosy had to pull herself together and stand up to everything in her life. She needed to figure out a good way to please Becker and find a way to multiply the hate that Becker's clan members had for Anna. She didn't want Anna to get any chance to be with Becker.

Normally, men getting married and settling down to a job with the support and blessings of their families meant that they could lead happy, peaceful lives. But Rosy believed that Anna and Becker's relationship could neither get everyone's blessings nor end well.

On the other hand, Becker went to the hospital to look for Anna when he didn't find her at her house. He knew where Anna's office was since he had often been there before. To his surprise, she wasn't there at her office.

Noticing that Becker was looking for Anna, a nurse informed him that Anna had already left.

Becker pondered helplessly over it for a while but he realized that the only place that Anna would probably go to was Linda's house.

Becker headed towards the Mu Clan's villa. The thought of going to his own house didn't even cross his mind.

Because he had gone looking for Anna as soon as he had got off the plane, he hadn't the time to go back home and get his car. So every time he headed for a different place, he had to hail a taxi.

When he arrived at the Mu Clan's villa, Becker was stopped by the security guard.

Inside, Linda and Anna were talking about Hebe when a servant walked up to them and said, "My Lady, a man came looking for Anna. He's at the gate now."

Linda took a quick look at Anna who seemed a little restless and nervous.

"I think that's Becker here to see you. What's wrong? Hasn't he contacted you yet?"

Linda asked.

"No. I've put his phone number on the blacklist and also blacklisted him on WeChat, so he can't contact me,"

Anna said, lowering her head.

Linda, who wasn't paying attention to Anna's expr

he looked at the sky while drinking a cup of coffee.

"Where's Anna? Is she here?" Becker asked bluntly and got to the point, without even greeting Linda.

Linda glanced at him and said, "Anna doesn't want to see you."

"Where's she? Where on earth is she now?"

"Becker, don't you want to explain the whole thing to me first? What is going on? Anna kept crying bitterly the moment she came here."

Linda's words woke something within Becker. He was sorry for Anna.

"There is really nothing wrong happening between us," he said.

"But why is she so sad? She told me that you went back home with Rosy to celebrate the Spring Festival. At first, you decided to take Anna, but why did you go with Rosy in the end? Have you really made up your mind to marry Rosy?"

"I will never marry her. I hate that woman a lot. I didn't even go back home during those days in Europe. My grandfather asked me to go back and take over the business in Europe, so I was busy with that all the time, completely ignoring Rosy. I also had no idea that Rosy was in Europe with my family because I had gone there alone, much in advance,"

Becker explained immediately.

It turned out that Anna was angry because of Rosy this time.

"Why didn't you take Anna back home to spend the Spring Festival with you?"

Becker sighed and said, "It's all my fault. I planned to go with Anna in the first place, but she doesn't get along with my mother. So I didn't take her this year. But I will take her back home next year."

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