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   Chapter 936 Suffering Pain Because Of This Man

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 6796

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On the way, Becker's mind was a mess.

'Honey, I was wrong. I shouldn't have lost contact with you for so long. Don't be mad at me, please.'

'Sweetheart, what's wrong? I know I made a mistake, but nothing happened between Rosy and me. My mother was the one who took her there.'

'Honey, what happened? Why are you angry?'

All these sentences went through Becker's head as he tried to decide what to say when he saw Anna.

But even after thinking about it for a long time, he couldn't come to a conclusion.

He didn't even know why Anna was angry in the first place. If she was angry because of Rosy, it would be easy for him to explain, but he was afraid that she wouldn't listen to him.

Or what if she was mad because of something else?

If he mentioned Rosy, it would only irritate her more.

Becker couldn't help but sigh. "Women are so hard to handle. It will be my fault whether I admit it or not."

Of course, this sentiment was applicable only for the woman he loved. If Rosy was mad at him, he wouldn't even care.

If Rosy wanted to die, he would let her die as long as she stayed away from him.

Meanwhile, Rosy was going ballistic.

After getting out of the airplane, she didn't choose to go with Becker's parents. Since Becker wasn't here, she didn't need to act like a virtuous and generous lady anymore. She was exhausted to the bone after pretending to be a lady for the past few days in Europe. She had been on her best behavior even when she was alone in the Wang Clan's guest room. She hadn't smashed anything when she got angry like she did as she was at home. And she hadn't even ordered the servants around excessively.

On top of that, she had been waiting in the VIP passage for a long time now, so she was feeling upset.

Half an hour later, she finally got the phone call she was waiting for. Her high heels clacked against the ground as she walked out of the airport with a long face.

Jessie's car was not far from the entrance of the airport. Jessie was sitting in the passenge

ssie was used to Rosy being rash and grumbling all the time, so she just laughed it off, as if Rosy wasn't blaming her for everything.

"You had to go to his home. Think about it. You can't make Becker love you, but you will still get what you want if you can make his family like you. It doesn't matter whether Anna wants to marry Becker or not, and it will never happen. The Wang Clan is powerful and wealthy, and their influence in Europe is much greater than what we can imagine. Anna is just an orphan."

Rosy glanced at Jessie, and the latter continued, "Do you really think Anna can be compared with you? Becker likes her just because he thinks she is special and easy to handle, but you're different. You're backed up by the whole Nalan Clan."

Jessie's analysis made Rosy regain her confidence.

"You're right. How can that bitch beat me?"

"Exactly, she can't. That's why you need to win the hearts of Becker's family members. He won't be able to do anything against their wishes."

Rosy nodded, but she couldn't help feeling sad. The man she was pursuing was treating her like dirt.

Ever since she was a teenage girl, people had admired her, and there were many boys who liked her. In school, a lot of boys had pursued her, but she had never liked any of them. However, she was going through so much pain just because of one man.

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