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   Chapter 935 Thinking of Anna

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Becker flew into a rage at this.

Becker had had enough of Rosy. She was rude enough to lean against him and touch his coat to the point where he thought that he had to throw his coat away after getting off the plane.

"Sit up and get away from me right now," Becker said furiously.

"I feel a bit dizzy. Please let me lean against you for a while. I will not do anything else to disturb you," Rosy said flirtatiously.

Becker was disgusted with her unpleasant voice.

"I'm going to warn you one more time. Stop leaning against me. Or I will have to take extreme measures."

Since Becker was a cultured man with good manners, he didn't intend to hit Rosy even if he got angry now. Otherwise, he would have beaten her up for irritating him.

"Humph. You would be glad if Anna leaned against your shoulder. But you're unwilling to let me lean against you. I'm your fiancee, but I don't understand why you take a fancy to that woman,"

Rosy said, disappointed and helpless.

She had tried every means to get together with Becker, but Becker wasn't even willing to glance at her.

Was she really so unattractive?

This time, it was Jessie who had suggested that she go to Europe with Becker.

But things seemed to not go well, and it looked like she still wouldn't be able to win Becker's heart.

The only thing that made her happy was that news of her travel with Becker had spread and it would make Anna very, very displeased.

After all, Anna couldn't go to Europe to celebrate the Spring Festival with Becker this time. And Becker's family didn't want Becker marrying Anna.

Becker and Anna wouldn't be happy without the blessing of their families. The thought of this brought a smug satisfaction to Rosy, who was of the thought that this way, Anna would never get a chance to marry into the Wang Clan.

And as long as Anna couldn't marry Becker, Rosy still had a chance to be together with him.

Since Becker was such an amazing person, Rosy would never let Anna get close to him.

In her opinion, Anna, an orphan, didn't deserve Becker's love at all.

"Do you know what love is?" Becker turned to ask Rosy.

"Of course I know."

Becker just smiled and said, "Rosy, do you think you really like me?

behave herself, avoiding behavior that would probably disgust Becker's parents.

Becker's father listened to their conversation, without saying anything. And even when Rosy attended the family reunion dinner with the members of the Wang Clan after they returned to Europe, he didn't talk to Rosy.

Rosy just thought that Becker's father was a man of few words.

Becker rushed out of the airport, ready to take a taxi to Anna's house.

He knew where she lived.

The moment he had disembarked from the plane, he tried calling Anna, but found that her phone was still switched off.

After about half an hour, Becker arrived at Anna's house. But even quite a bit of a knocking later, no one opened the door.

Becker guessed that Anna didn't want to see him and was angry at him, which was why the door remained shut. So he kept on knocking.

Anna's next-door neighbor came out to take out the trash and saw Becker.

Becker had taken Anna back home several times before, so Anna's neighbor remembered and recognized him.

"Hello. Have you seen Anna go out today?" Becker asked the neighbor.

"You came here to look for Anna? She might not have come back yet. You can go to her workplace and ask around."

So Anna wasn't home today.

He believed that she would never deliberately refuse to open the door for him. So the explanation that she just wasn't at home this moment held true. Thinking thus, Becker left the place and made his way to the Mu Clan's private hospital.

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