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   Chapter 934 Either Shut Up Or Get Out

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 7984

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"Mother, stop! You always tell me to cherish the one with me. Do you know who is the one I love?"

Becker stated impatiently.

He just sent messages to Anna but they were rejected.

Clear enough, Anna had added him to her blacklist.

It was extremely important for Becker to come back this time. He had made it a point to do so because he had already finished all his tasks in Europe and had to take over the business here after he returned.

It was a disaster for him that Rosy had stayed in Europe with him in the past days.

Becker couldn't even tell how Rosy persuaded Queenie to take her to Europe and celebrate Spring Festival with them.

He hurried back home in Europe that time and didn't take the same flight as Rosy's. He was so sure with how he handled the case until he finally reached their home and found that Rosy was already there! As early as that point, he already knew that everything would screw up between him and Anna.

He didn't have the least clue about what rumors Rosy had spread in SH City again. But whatever it was, Becker was certain that it made Anna misunderstand him.

Worse, he couldn't even do anything because he was abroad the whole time. He had to explain everything to Anna now. He was more than sure that he loved Anna more than anything!

However, he couldn't control Rosy from blabbing behind him and it just annoyed him.

After getting on board, Becker immediately closed his eyes and pretended to rest.

He acted as if he could not hear anything from the people around him. He wanted to figure out how to tell Anna about all these things once they met. He was acting as if he was enjoying the music with the earplugs on, until a familiar voice suddenly disturbed his thoughts and made him open his eyes again.

"Excuse me. The man next to you is my fiance. Can I sit with him? Would you mind if we switch seats?" It was Rosy.

The passenger sitting beside him was reluctant to change seats at first. It was very inconvenient to do inside the plane.

But Rosy's seat was in the first-class cabin and it would be a good deal for the person sitting in economy class to just say yes.

Finally, the lady next to Becker nodded and agreed to take Rosy's offer.

Rosy was smiling ear to ear when she successfully took the seat next to Becker.

The turn of events instantly made Becker's head ached.

Thus, he turned to Ro

or her though that they were already on their way back to their motherland.

Hearing Becker, Rosy instantly shut her mouth and began to shed tears.

On the other hand, Becker was annoyed that he was locked up with such an unreasonable woman as Rosy. Moreover, just the thought that Anna wasn't replying him and even blacklisted him was driving him crazy too. Who inside that plane knew about how his heart was breaking right now? If only Rosy wasn't a female, damn! He would make it a point to beat the life out of her!

Rosy didn't dare shout or say anything anymore after Becker howled at her.

Becker ended up apologizing to everyone and to the passenger next to him. He even talked with the stewardess. Minutes more and the whole plane was silent.

'This is not right! Where the hell is justice here?' thought Rosy. It was fine if Becker didn't defend her and just continued acting numb. However, he even stood up and rebuked her before everyone in the plane.

Putting his earplugs back to his ear, Becker sat back to his chair and closed his eyes again.

The flight would be for ten hours and God knew how much he wanted to run back to Anna as soon as possible.

This was perhaps going to be a torturous flight.

Minutes more and Becker noticed how silent the atmosphere was. Well, that was nice. He didn't want to hear anything from Rosy anyway.

However, twenty minutes after the embarrassing argument inside the plane and Becker suddenly felt a head fall on his shoulder. It forced him to check what happened. It was Rosy, sleeping against his shoulder like a baby.

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