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   Chapter 933 Cherish The One You Are With

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Hebe had returned but her clothes were different from what she wore when she went out.

"There is a chance that something happened to the real Hebe during this period of time. Jayne might have disguised as Hebe and pretended to fool the others since then."

Linda's analysis was calm. Her tone was determined but with a hint of caution.

"My Lady, what are you saying? Is it possible that the real Hebe is still alive?"

Linda was lost in thought. She wondered if the real Hebe might have been already dead. She valued Jayne as a meticulous woman. Linda thought that if Jayne would have murdered Hebe in order to steal Hebe's life. It would be hard to pretend to be another person if that person still existed. Jayne would have been caught immediately and have her plans ruined if she left Hebe alive.

However, Linda had investigated that Hebe and Jayne were roommates in the past. This could mean that they might have had a friendly relation before. Linda then suspected if Jayne would be diabolical enough to kill someone who was once close to her.

Linda thought that there might still be a chance that the real Hebe was just held captive instead.

This sparked some hope for them. Linda then called Paul and ordered him, "Paul, quickly investigate where the fake Hebe had been to during the past years. Look where she had her vacations and trips. Don't leave out even the smallest details."

Linda assumed that she would discover whether the real Hebe was still alive or dead if she could just find out the fake Hebe's activities during the past years.

She then asked Steve to have a paternity test. Linda hadn't provided an explanation but Steve still agreed to take the test.

The paternity test result revealed that Steve was Cory's biological father.

Steve couldn't help but feel relieved that he was now sure that Cory was truly his.

Linda had also discovered from previous investigations that the real Hebe's blood type was B.

However, the Hebe they had interacted with had a blood type A.

Linda could only conclude that Cory who had blood type B was the son of the real Hebe, not Jayne.

Linda assumed that Jayne kidnapped Hebe shortly after Cory was conceived. The abduction happened when Hebe went out.

The person who returned to the house was already Jayne disguised as Hebe.

Linda ordered Paul to investigate more about this matter. She wanted to find out the truth no matter what. She then waited for the results of the investigation.

"Anna, are you hungry? Stay here and have dinner together with me, okay?"

Linda offered with a smile.

Anna didn't have any tasks to do so she immediately agreed, "Yes, My Lady."

Linda t

stly try to call Anna. She went to Europe with the Wang Clan to celebrate the Spring Festival together with Becker, but he ignored her during their stay there.

Rosy was frustrated that she was neglected.

The Wang Clan's business had begun to thrive. Their European branch was a success so they wanted to develop their business in the domestic market. They traveled to SH City to improve their enterprise.

Becker's parents decided to accompany him on the trip back to SH City. They thought of Becker's marriage and what was best for him and the company. They preferred if Rosy would get married to Becker.

They just hoped that the two of them would consent to that idea.

The marriage with Rosy would be very beneficial to the company. They also assumed that Becker and Anna weren't meant to be and that they wouldn't last long as a couple.

The believed that since Anna and Becker had different social statuses, they weren't fit to wed each other.

Becker persistently called Anna's phone while he continued to ignore Rosy. He thought that Anna's phone was turned off, so he sent her a message via WeChat.

"Who are you calling? Why are you so insistent on someone who doesn't want to talk to you? She has already ignored your calls for far too long. It's about time you realize that she doesn't care about you nor want to be together with you. You should start moving on, Becker. Stop thinking about your relationship with her. She doesn't deserve you. You should forget her and look for someone more suitable for you," Queenie advised with a cold tone. She stared at Becker but he didn't even look her in the eyes.

He didn't say anything.

"You should cherish the one you are with now,"

Queenie added. Becker heard her words and immediately interrupted her.

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