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   Chapter 932 Get The Surveillance Videotapes

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Steve meant that Hebe had changed a little after their marriage.

"Oh, it nearly slipped my mind. Why did the two of you keep insisting that my wife's real name is Jayne Zhang? I can assure you that her name is Hebe Zhang. But the thing is, I do know a Jayne. She was one of my wife's roommates who was born into a rich family. My wife always complained to me that Jayne kept flaunting her wealth in front of them." Steve was trying hard to recall everything he knew about Jayne.

'So, Hebe knew a person called Jayne who then went missing and disguised herself as Hebe, ' Linda thought to herself, trying to connect the dots.

All of a sudden, she was overwhelmed with great fear.

She just couldn't believe what she was thinking about could have really happened.

"Steve, are you sure that you grew up with your wife? And that her name has been Hebe Zhang ever since she was a little kid?"

Linda asked Steve again to confirm the facts.

"Of course, I'm sure. I've known her for a long time."

"Okay. When was the first time that you felt your wife was behaving a little differently from usual?"

"About a month before we got married. Actually, she went missing for two weeks. When she came back, I asked her where she had gone. She never answered that question, but she explained to me that she had gone on a two-week trip because she had gotten cold feet about the marriage,"

Steve explained after careful thought.

Blushing, he added, "Actually, there's one change in her that I'm particularly confused about. I'm a little embarrassed to talk about it. That is, after we got married and she had our child, she has never made...made love with me... She seemed unwilling to do that, so I didn't force her..."

In order to find his wife, Steve tried his best to recollect all the details he knew and tell Linda about them.

Upon hearing Steve's words, Anna's eyes met Linda's. The truth behind his wife's disappearance had suddenly dawned on both of them.

"Okay. Well, you should go back to the hospital for the time being to look after your son. By the way, you'd better carry out a paternity test for him."

"Why should I do that?" Steve was baffled as to why Linda was asking him to do that.

"Nothing. I just want you to make sure that your son is your biological child. But you can decide not to carry out the test if you're reluctant to do it."

Anyway, this was Steve's personal affair. Linda was jus

people watching the videotapes, it would be easier to find what they were looking for.

Linda couldn't help but feel burdened by the sheer quantity of the surveillance videotapes. She had gotten the videotapes that she had asked for, but she had no idea where to start. Suddenly, she remembered Steve's words about how Hebe had gone missing for half a month before their marriage. But Steve hadn't told her exactly when Hebe had gone missing.

Linda quickly called Steve to find out this information. After trying his best to recollect the details, Steve told Linda that Hebe had been missing from July to early August that year.

Now that Linda knew the time period, the investigation would be much easier to carry out. She immediately asked Aiken and Calla, the two members from WSS, to retrieve all the videotapes from that period.

The two of them worked so efficiently that they sorted out all of the videotapes in just half an hour.

"My Lady, we've sorted them out for you. Here, this video shows Hebe leaving, while this one shows Hebe returning home. From these videotapes, we can see that Hebe was missing for 13 days."

Just as Steve had said, Hebe had been missing for about two weeks.

While Linda watched the two different scenes on the computer, she found something weird.

When Hebe left home that day, she was dressed in a light blue coat and black trousers, carrying a white bag.

But her whole outfit had changed when she came back home.

On the day of her return, Hebe was dressed in a black coat and white trousers, wearing a pair of sunglasses. 'This is really weird, ' thought Linda.

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