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   Chapter 931 Not Want To Inconvenience Them

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Although Steve had heard rumors that Hebe was having an affair with her boss, he had just laughed them off and thought that it was just idle gossip. He had never minded what people gossiped about at all. But one thing he was sure about was that Hebe did have a boss named Sean Zhang.

Besides, after hearing the rumors, he had collected some information about Sean and learned that he was married to Christina Mu, the Lady of the Mu Clan.

'Since Sean is married to a wealthy lady, why would he be interested in Hebe?' Steve had wondered to himself.

So, he had never minded the gossip or questioned Hebe about it.

But now, after hearing what his son said, Steve started to be doubtful.

"What on earth is happening?" he asked.

"I don't know, father. That day, Mother and Uncle Sean picked me up together after school," Cory replied.

Kids were always innocent. Soon, Cory told Steve everything. Realizing that something strange was going on, Steve took out his cell phone and dialed Hebe's number, wanting to ask her about it.

Just then, Anna walked into the room with some medicine for Cory.

As soon as she saw Steve dialing a number, she figured that he must be calling Hebe.

"Are you calling Hebe now? That won't help. She has run away."

Anna didn't have anything to hide from Steve. He had to know what had happened.

"What do you mean? Why would my wife run away?

Is it because our child's leg is broken?

You're saying she left just like that? That's impossible! My wife loves our son very much," Steve said. He couldn't believe what he was hearing.

Although Cory went to a boarding school, his wife was the one who went to see him more as Steve needed to work all the time to earn money. Most of the time, he was traveling for construction work.

Sometimes, he would be away from home for a month, or even three to four months.

"I don't know how to explain this matter to you. You wife, Hebe, isn't actually Hebe at all. Her real name is Jayne Zhang. And for the past few years, she has been having an affair with Sean. Did you know about that?" Anna asked.

Anna felt sympathetic toward Steve. She could see that this honest man knew nothing. The only thing in his mind was to earn money to support his family; he hadn't even suspected that his wife loved someone else.


mean there's a secret we haven't discovered?" Linda asked.

"Steve just told me that he had known his wife, Hebe, since they were in kindergarten. She never changed her name. She has always been Hebe her whole life," Anna replied.


The Mu's Group purchased the Zhang's company only a few years ago. Even if Jayne changed her identity and pretended to be someone she wasn't, it should have only started a few years ago. How could she have been Hebe since she was in kindergarten?

It doesn't make sense. Has your wife's appearance changed a lot since she was a little girl?" Linda asked Steve.

Steve shook his head.

"She didn't change much. My wife isn't good-looking, but I've loved her since she was a little girl. I always feel happy when I'm with her," Steve answered.

He actually flushed a little when he mentioned Hebe's name. It was obvious that he loved his wife deeply.

"Have your wife's personality and mannerisms changed a lot since she was a little girl?" Linda asked.

Steve thought about it carefully before answering Linda's question.

"Changed a lot? There haven't been any major changes. She was always a mild-tempered person growing up. She did become much more sensitive after we got married, but I found it reasonable. Things always change after marriage since there are so many trivial things to face in everyday life. I've always traveled a lot to do my construction work, but I never brought my wife and my son with me. I didn't want to inconvenience them by taking them along everywhere I went."

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