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   Chapter 930 Steve's Arrival

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In fact, it seemed that Cory was a good, well-behaved boy.

He was willing to listen to others if they said some sensible, reasonable words to him, at least.

Perhaps since Anna had donated her blood to Cory and some of her blood flowed inside Cory's body, she somehow liked this kid.

"Auntie Anna, where's my mother?" Cory asked, lying down on the bed after eating some food.

Anna was chatting with him and keeping him company while she waited for Steve to arrive.

Now, hearing Cory's words, she was stunned. She didn't know how to explain the situation to him.

"Your mother has gone to a faraway place, so she'll take a long time to come back. I've called your father already. He'll come here to take care of you,"

Anna responded after pondering over it for a while.

"Are you lying to me?"

Cory asked.

"Trust me. Why would I lie to you?"

Cory still looked suspicious of Anna, which made Anna feel a bit restless. She looked at the sincere expression in his eyes. Being a child, Cory wasn't cunning or vicious. Instead, he was simple, genuine, and innocent, making Anna feel pity for him.

"Okay. Will my leg recover? Will I be able to walk again?"

Anna gently touched Cory's injured leg. It had been amputated as it was badly damaged and couldn't be saved.

The bone in his leg had been completely shattered. His leg had probably been run over by the passing car.

Anna couldn't help but feel worried about Cory. Even though he was a young boy, he had to suffer so much pain.

Since he was a brave boy with a strong will, he didn't cry or shout when he felt pain.

He had only been crying for the past two days because he missed his parents so much.

Anna didn't like kids, but she hadn't disliked Cory the first time she'd seen him. Besides, the more she talked to him, the more patient she became with him.

"I don't want to lie to you. Your leg has been cut off. You might not be able to walk on your own for a long time."

Cory's eyes got red again.

But he tried to hold back his tears and didn

fter entering the ward, he saw Cory lying on the bed and reading a book. At that moment, he felt very sorry for his dearest son.

"Cory, how do you feel now? Does your leg hurt?"

Although Cory had been calm so far, the moment he caught sight of his father, he burst into tears, feeling very sad and depressed.

"Father, you came! I thought you might abandon me."

"You're my son. I will never leave you. I'll just work harder and earn more money. Trust me."

Steve felt very guilty. He wished he could keep his son company at home every day, but he couldn't. Although Hebe worked in the Public Security Bureau, she didn't earn a high salary as she wasn't a civil servant or a senior leader who could get more salary and benefits.

So, Steve had to try his best to earn as much money as possible to support his family, even if that meant not spending enough time with his son.

Cory leaned against Steve in a flood of tears.

"Where's your mother?" Steve asked.

Cory shook his head and replied, "I don't know. After she brought me to the hospital, she disappeared. Uncle Sean also left."

"Uncle Sean?" Steve furrowed his eyebrows in bewilderment. "Which uncle Sean are you talking about?"

"He is the uncle Sean who works at the same place as my mother. He even told me that he wanted to be my father."

Steve was confused by Cory's words.

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