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   Chapter 929 Unreliable Parents

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Sean knew well that Christina was determined to break up with him, forever.

Then, Christina went straight to the gate. When the driver stopped the car in front of her, she got into the car decisively.

"Where do you want to go, Lady Christina?" the driver asked politely.

"Go to the Mu Clan's villa."

Half an hour later, they arrived at the Mu Clan's villa.

Linda didn't believe it when the servant came to inform her that Christina was at the gate, because Christina had never been here before.

Charles happened to be at home today and they had been having a good time so far.

Linda had been feeding Little Tomato and Little Potato. It wasn't easy for her to feed the children smoothly, so the servants held the two babies in their hands while Linda fed them.

Linda's hand was hurt but she didn't want to miss interacting with her babies.

Every time Little Tomato took a bite, she smiled sweetly at Linda. Linda's heart was filled with happiness when she saw her baby being so adorable.

Little Potato, however, was much more arrogant. He was just eating the food one bite after another without saying anything.

The servant at the gate led Christina into the living room.

Christina had hardly come to the Mu Clan's villa after marrying Sean. Today, she found that it looked much more beautiful than it had before.

"Well, it suddenly occurred to me that I haven't been here for years," Christina said, looking around the house.

"Christina, you can come here whenever you want. You're always welcome." Charles smiled and ordered the servants to serve Christina a cup of tea.

"That will be great."

Then, Christina looked around and found Linda sitting in the living room, feeding the two babies.

Her eyes lit up with excitement the moment she saw the two little babies.

"Christina, this is Little Tomato and this is Little Potato," Linda said to Christina, pointing at her two babies.

Christina envied Charles.

She envied Charles because Charles had a son and a daughter even though he was younger than her. However, she had a failed marriage and was still alone.

On the bright side, Christina actually found it very relaxing to be alone. She could do whatever she wanted to do regardless of other people's opinions.

os and found that Jayne looked exactly like the real Hebe now.

Jayne must have had plastic surgery in accordance with Hebe's face.

She hadn't just stolen Hebe's name, she had stolen her face as well.

Anyway, Anna didn't have time to care about all these things right now. She had to handle Cory first.

Children crying could get annoying after a while.

She quickly called Steve and informed him that his child was in the hospital. Hearing the news, Steve promised Anna that he would get on the very next flight and come to see Cory tonight.

Fortunately, Steve wasn't staying very far from SH City.

He could reach the hospital by plane in about three hours.

After hanging up the phone call, Anna hurried to the ward where Cory was crying alone.

He was lying in bed with a bandage on one leg. Seeing this, Anna felt very sorry for him.

"Cory, stop crying. Eat something and take your medicine, okay?"

"No! No! I want my mother! I want my mother!"

"Well... Your mother won't come today. But I've called your father. As long as you promise me that you'll listen to me and take your medicine obediently, I'll ask your father to come here and stay with you tonight, okay?"

Anna seldom went through the trouble of coaxing children but she couldn't help but sympathize with Cory, so she decided to patiently comfort him.

"Really?" Cory's eyes lit up when he heard Anna's words.

"Of course. I wouldn't lie to you. I promise."

Hearing this, Cory finally ate his meal obediently.

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