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   Chapter 928 Why Are You So Heartless

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 12468

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"How could you be so cold to me, dear? I admit that I have done something wrong. I have apologized so many times. Please! Why won't you forgive me?"

Sean pleaded loudly as he was dragged out by the servants. He still continued to beg for Christina's forgiveness.

However, Christina remained silent and chose to ignore Sean's pleads. She didn't have anything to say to him anymore nor did she want to forgive him for everything that he had done.

Christina felt confused ever since she discovered Sean's affair. She struggled and was in deep thought on how she should move on with her life and if she would want to reunite with Sean. However, she was determined to let everything go. She realized that she couldn't control Sean's heart nor force him to stay loyal to her. All she wanted was to have a peaceful and quiet life.

Christina concluded that men would probably be able to live on with their own lives even after they had been separated with the woman they cherished so much. She then realized that women should also be as strong as men regarding such matters. She convinced herself to be resolute and move on without Sean.

"Stay out of my life from now on, Sean Zhang. I don't want to talk to you anymore, nor see your face. I wouldn't bother you, too. I just want a peaceful life without you in it." Christina's voice was cold. Her face was apathetic but deep inside, she still had some doubts about her decision. She forced herself to calm down as she relayed her verdict to Sean.

Sean was overwhelmed with emotions when he heard Christina's cold remark. His heart raced as he stood at the door of the house he called home just a few days ago.

His life was turned upside down by the recent events. He blamed himself for his bad decisions and wished that he could make everything go back to the way it was before.

Sean couldn't help but punch the wall next to him as his regrets enveloped him. His hand was hurt but his heart suffered more pain as he reflected how much it cost him to pursue an imaginary true love. He sacrificed his originally good life for it but he ended up betrayed and alone.

Sean found himself homeless and without that many options. He could choose to go back to his hometown and live a dull and poor life, or he could stay in this city and try to reach for a better life. He had already gotten used to the city lifestyle that he was inclined to stay. However, without the help from Christina and her powerful family, he had no resources to afford the city life.

It was only until everything was lost that Sean realized how his life improved with Christina's help. He had a good wife and was welcomed into a powerful family but he just threw it all away.

He took his marriage for granted and now all he could do was regret everything.

Maybe it was his human nature that made him commit such a hideous act. He joined a powerful family and enjoyed everything that came with it. He was given a luxurious lifestyle and he easily became accustomed to it. However, he got cocky and greedy that he wanted something more than his wife could offer. He committed adultery and disregarded the person who brought him everything he had.

He could only accept the fact that no matter how regretful he was at this moment, he could never turn back time. He couldn't improve his current situation if he let himself be swallowed by his grief.

The thought of a boy in the hospital suddenly entered his mind.

He was then engulfed by sadness and ridiculousness on the fact that Cory turned out to be not his real son.

The boy was the only reason he stayed together with Hebe. He was so convinced that the boy was his son that he even asked Christina for a divorce.

Sean found it

tinue the pills so that she could get pregnant. She even ignored how she would look since she believed that she and Sean would end up as an old couple anyway.

She found it very tiresome to put on make-up, so she always neglected to apply it back then.

Therefore, her beautiful face became so dull and she looked very timid. Sean had almost forgotten the allure that Christina had. Now that she dressed up and applied some makeup, Sean was recalled how beautiful Christina was even during college.

"Get out of my way. I don't care how long you kneel. I want you out of my life!"

Christina yelled at Sean as she couldn't leave because he was in her way.

She was so furious because Sean didn't even bother to leave. She didn't want to see his stupid face that she had half a mind to call security and drag him away.

"Please, my dear, I know you still have some kindness for me in your heart. You came here to check up on me, right? Just give me one more chance, I promise I won't ever hurt you again,"

Sean pleaded devotedly. He continued to say sweet words and promise Christina that he was a changed man. He believed the women would be vulnerable to a man's sweet talk, including Christina.

However, she had already heard a lot of sweet talks and lies from Sean even before their divorce.

'I love you, my dear wife. I will take care of you and make sure that no harm will come to you.'

'I will take good care of you and protect you forever.'

'I am devoted to you. You are the only woman that I will ever love.'

Christina immediately recalled the sweet talks and empty promises Sean had said to her before. Anger overwhelmed her as she realized that she fell for such lies. She was so irritated that she couldn't be bothered to listen to any of Sean's words any longer.

Christina didn't want to talk to Sean anymore so she tried to step aside and leave the house immediately. However, he immediately blocked her again and continued to plead.

"Please, Christina! I'll wait right here on my knees until you find it in your heart to forgive me."

"I don't care about you or about anything you do anymore. You can kneel here until you die and I couldn't care less,"

Christina replied with a cold and harsh tone. She continued to walk outside as she spoke those words. Sean couldn't help but feel even more dejected as he watched her leave.

Christina walked onward and didn't even look back to Sean. She held up her head high like a proud queen.

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