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   Chapter 927 I Don't Want To Hear That Bitch's Name

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 6830

Updated: 2019-07-16 00:12

"Lady Christina told me to drive you away. She said that you two are divorced," said the servant.

"That's not true. We just had a fight and she's still mad at me."

Sean forced a smile at the servant.


"Of course. I won't lie to you," Sean replied convincingly.

With a mixture of sympathy and doubt on his face, the servant let Sean in.

The servant had never seen Lady Christina ask for a divorce. How could they get a divorce for no reason?

Sean entered the room and found Christina sitting and reading next to the bed. Sunshine filled the room, surrounding her with a warm glow.

It made Sean itch all over.

He truly wanted to hit himself.

Why had he cheated on her?

Why had he believed Hebe's words and thought that he had found his true love? He had even gone so far as to demand a divorce from Christina.

In the end, he had found out that Hebe's child wasn't actually his.

The whole situation was miserable and laughable at the same time.

Thinking that it was just the servant who had come in, Christina asked without raising her head, "Is Sean gone?"

"Christina..." Sean greeted her in a low voice. Christina's face immediately jerked up at Sean's voice.

Confused, she asked, "Sean, why are you here?"

Sean walked toward Christina, but Christina sprang from her chair like a frightened bird.

"Who let you in? Sean Zhang, get out right now!"

She was worked up just at the sight of Sean.

"Listen to me, Christina. I know I was wrong. I really do. Just let me come back to you and take care of you..."

Sean walked to Christina and suddenly knelt down in front of her.

It reminded Christina of what had happened six years ago. It had been just a few months into her relationship with Sean. She had found out that Sean was being intimate with another girl from the same class and that he had even spent the money Christina had given him on buying a Valentine's Day gift for that girl.

Of course, Christina couldn't bear to share her boyfriend with another girl. She'd be


Hearing that broke Christina's heart.

"Let me ask you something, Sean. If that little boy were your son, you wouldn't have left Hebe, right?"

"I don't want to hear that bitch's name. I know I was wrong, really."

Sean regretted the whole thing a lot. He had never imagined that Hebe would conceal her identity and destroy their relationship on purpose. It was his fault that he hadn't been able to control himself.

Thinking about Hebe's face now made him want to throw up.

After all, her face was fake. She'd had plastic surgery.

She must have had a really strong mentality to change her beautiful face to the ordinary one that she had now. And she had even lurked in the police station for such a long time before talking to him. As much as Sean hated her for tricking him like this, he couldn't help but admire her for her persistence.

"Someone, throw him out. We're divorced. Sean Zhang is no longer my husband. From now on, he's not allowed to enter this house."

Christina didn't want to waste any more time on Sean. As soon as Sean had chosen Hebe over her, she had been disillusioned.

She could only give Sean one chance. Sean had missed it, so he would never get it again. Since they had been married for seven years, there was a bottleneck. But Christina didn't care. She wanted to stop struggling in this relationship.

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