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   Chapter 926 Young Master Is Really Caring

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"My Lady, Young Master is really caring! He thought it might be too troublesome for you to eat the chicken wings, so he carefully cleared out all the bones for you."

Paul grinned at Linda.

From time to time, he would check his phone and reply to messages. Linda didn't have to see the recipient's name to know that he must be chatting with Cindy.

She wondered how their relationship had developed.

"Paul, how are things between you and Cindy?"

Paul blushed but smiled rather bitterly.

"You can tell me. Nothing's going to happen to you. Are you two in a relationship?" Linda prodded.

"My Lady, that's not so easy. Cindy doesn't really want to talk to me," Paul said.

Anna covered her mouth and giggled. "You had it coming. When she showed her love for you, you didn't treasure her. And now you regret it? It's too late for you to woo her now. She won't accept you. After all, you are too old for her. With your age, you could even be her uncle!"

Paul did regret his decision. In the past, he had been totally blind in his heart. He had thought that Bun was his true love and all he wanted was her. However, he had been completely oblivious to the fact that during the days that he spent with Cindy, he had fallen in love with this lovely woman.

As they chatted, Charles went to get some rice. Linda extended her hand without thinking, wanting to get some rice from him.

It turned out that he had no intention of passing the rice to her. Linda was embarrassed. She had thought that the rice was for her.

"You jerk! Can't you give me the rice? I am dying of hunger!" she said, her face flaming red.

The enjoyment of eating the chicken wings with rice was something else. And the best part was that right now, the wings were free of bones.

The mere memory of the combination gave her a sense of pleasure. But Charles had to go and ruin it all. 'Why didn't he get me rice?' Linda wondered.

But to her surprise, Charles took a seat, got the chopsticks, and started to feed her.

"I can eat on my own," Linda said, not yet over her surprise.

"No, let me feed you. Your arm is injured. Don't move."

No sooner had he finished his sentence than he brought a mouthful of rice to her lips. Linda wanted to decline,

p her with the recovery.

And the recovery might take a long time—not one or two months, but one or two years.

'I will focus on my recovery first. After I feel better, I will travel the world. I will go to all the beautiful places in the world. After the trip, I might be able to push Sean to the back of my mind, ' Christina decided.

Seven years they had spent together. And to forget wasn't an easy thing to do. Even now, when she closed her eyes, Sean's face would appear before her. When she breathed the air in the house, she could still feel his scent. She couldn't help remembering things that they had done together, places they had gone to, vows they had exchanged.

Seven years was a long time—it was long enough for the cells in the body to get replaced. But Christina was a woman who had given herself to the man she had loved. She couldn't forget him that easily.

She leaned back on the couch, her eyes closed. While she was lamenting over the past, a servant came up to her.

"My Lady, Master Sean is back."

'What does he mean Master Sean is back?' Christina thought. They had been divorced already.

"Do you mean Sean Zhang? Throw him out. We are now divorced,"

Christina ordered, waving a hand.

The servant was surprised. He hadn't known that Christina and Sean had divorced.

When did that happen?

But he didn't dare ask. Following Christina's order, he asked Sean, who was changing his shoes to come in, to leave.

"What are you doing?" Sean shouted.

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