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   Chapter 925 The Familiar Coca-Cola Chicken Wings

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"How long will it take for her to recover?"

"If I stay with Lady Linda and cure her personally, she can recover within two months. The bone of her elbow is a little fractured, but it is not so serious. So don't worry. She will be fine,"

Anna said reassuringly.

Charles was relieved.

"Then if you have time, stay here to look after Linda. Please make sure that her elbow recovers as soon as possible, and that there won't be any problems after the treatment," he said.

Anna nodded.

Linda felt sleepy as she sat in the car. So she leaned her head against Charles's shoulder and in no time, fell asleep.

When she woke up, it was already evening and getting dark. She was still in the car, her head resting on Charles's lap.

"Dear, what time is it?" she asked him sleepily.

Charles checked the time and gently touched Linda's head. "It's already past 7 o'clock," he answered.

'Really?' Linda was surprised that she had slept for so long.

"Why didn't you wake me up?" Linda asked as she scrambled to sit up.

Charles smiled. He didn't have the heart to wake Linda up, given that she was sleeping so soundly. Charles had sat there in silence, looking at her, even though his shoulder had gone numb and ached quite a bit. When Linda's head had kept dropping off his shoulder, he gently lowered her so that she now rested on his lap. But he hadn't expected Linda to sleep for so long.

Charles asked Anna to get the chef in the kitchen to prepare some bone soup that Linda could have at night.

Linda's stomach suddenly gave a loud rumble, breaking the silence in the car and embarrassing her.

A slight smile spread across Charles's face.

Linda began to get angry at the expression on his face.

"What are you laughing at? Haven't you ever seen hungry people?" she asked hotly.

"I am not teasing you because you're hungry. Why are you so angry, my little darling?"

"Humph. I don't want to listen to your explanation. I'm angry now. What will you do?"

"I'll cook dinner for you, okay?"

Charles said in his deep, pleasant voice, as he held Linda in his arms. Linda couldn't help but become captivated.

"Okay. That's great. I want to eat Coca-Cola Chicken Wings."

Even after all these year

still loves me?" Anna said wistfully.

"Perhaps Becker has some important things to deal with there," Linda offered.

"Humph. There is no such thing at all. Did you know that Rosy has gone with him this time? I really feel so foolish right now. I'm such an ordinary person that I feel like I should not marry into such a rich clan. It might be better to stay with and work for you all the time."

It looked like Anna was uttering those words just because she was furious. Linda had already known that Rosy had accompanied Becker to Europe this time. But she guessed that this time, there might be a slight misunderstanding about the whole thing.

"Don't be so worried about this. And you don't have to break up with Becker in such a hurry,"

Linda tried counseling Anna. She would try to ask Becker what was going on the first chance she got.

As she chatted with Anna, Linda ate the pig trotter. Having been cooked by the Mu Clan's five-star private chef, it was soft and tender.

Linda enjoyed chewing on the delicious trotter.

Half an hour later, Charles walked in to the dining room with a platter of Coca-Cola Chicken Wings in his hands.

Linda smelled the inviting flavor of the dish even before Charles had reached the table.

Once he had put the platter of Coca-Cola Chicken Wings on the table, it looked to Linda that it seemed to be better cooked than last time. But they still looked special to her.

Linda used the chopsticks to poke at the chicken wings.

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