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   Chapter 924 The Hug

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'Wow, this Hebe really is something.

She even knows that I had a plastic surgery, ' Linda thought.

She couldn't help feeling funny. In fact, it couldn't be called as a plastic surgery, and it hadn't been for the purpose of sheer aesthetic. It had been because of the shocking scars left on her face. So Anna had asked her team to perform the surgery to remove the scars.

But when it came from Hebe, it sounded like she had gotten plastic surgery just to make herself look prettier.

Rumors were scary.

"Does it have anything to do with you? What's wrong with plastic surgery? I didn't commit any crime. But you? You changed your face just to escape justice."

Linda started to laugh. She wasn't really angered by whatever Hebe was saying.

"What? Linda Xia, you must have been really ugly. Why else would you go through plastic surgery? How I wish to see your true face!" Hebe countered, rather cruelly.

Her desperation was driving her to make hysterical verbal attacks on Linda, just so she could feel better.

But she was going at the wrong target. It wasn't Linda who had ruined her life!

It looked like Hebe had lost her sanity. But she was like a viper, ready to strike at any prey that came her way.

Linda was actually quite amazed at Hebe's resolve. She had turned her originally delicate, pretty face into an ordinary one, if not ugly.

In the past, her face would attract attention in the crowd. But now, nobody would notice her. She had destroyed her own beauty.

"Okay, I don't wish to talk to you anymore. Save some breath for when you need to talk to the police. Neither do I know what you have done in the past, nor do I wish to know."

Linda stood up and stepped away.

Before she could take a second step, Hebe grabbed her leg, causing her to trip and fall. Linda's weight crashed on her elbow, causing her to clench her teeth in immense pain.

Sam ran up to them, kicking Hebe off before pulling Linda to her feet.

"What the hell did you do? How dare you do that to Lady Linda? Do you want to die?" he hissed at Hebe before turning to Linda.

"My Lady, are you okay?" Anna asked, concerned. She walked up to Linda, placing a hand on her shoulder.

Linda shook her head but the pain in her elbow was excruciating, causing her eyes to well up. 'Could my bones have gotten fractured?' she thought.

'I did look down upon her, but I didn't think she woul

by myself!"

But he simply said one word, "No."

Linda couldn't help but feel helpless. Having no other choice, she had to hug his neck to ensure that she wouldn't fall. As she accepted her fate, she found that it felt quite cozy in his arms, despite the rain.

'Since I can't do anything about it, then why not just enjoy it? It isn't a bad feeling after all, ' Linda thought.

"Anna, follow me," Charles instructed.

"Okay, Young Master. Please wait a while. I'll just go get my bag," Anna replied.

She rushed back to her office, quickly packed her stuff, and followed Charles into the car. She could more or less decipher what Charles wanted her to do. Linda was injured, so Charles might want her to be around to check on her from time to time.

It was a matter of fact that Charles had always doted on his dear wife.

After Linda got into the car, she stared at her own elbow, then diverted her eyes to Charles. The way Charles behaved made her uneasy—he had been staring at her elbow for a while now.

"What is so attractive about my elbow?" she asked, trying to lighten the situation. "Do you think you can cure the fracture with your eyes?"

"Anna, what happened?" Charles turned to ask Anna, not finding her words funny.

'He's like that again. Oh my goodness! Every time Lady Linda is injured, Young Master becomes really angry. I hope he doesn't vent his anger at me, ' Anna thought.

"Young Master, it's all my fault. I wasn't really paying attention and when Lady Linda turned around, Hebe pulled her. She fell and landed on the ground on her elbow, fracturing it."

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