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   Chapter 923 You're Not Perfect Either

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 9277

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"What's the matter?" Linda asked curiously.

Then, she walked a few meters away from Sean and Hebe so they wouldn't hear the phone call. Linda didn't know what Bun would tell her but she did so for safety.

"Eight years ago, the Mu's Group purchased a small company which used to belong to the Zhang family. I didn't remember it until now," Bun's voice came from the phone.

'The Zhang family?' Linda wondered.

"Do you mean Hebe's family?" she asked after thinking about it for a few seconds.

"Yes, My Lady. You're right. The company's previous owner was Hebe's family," Bun confirmed Linda's speculation.

Bun continued to say, "Hebe's real name was Jayne Zhang. She changed her name to Hebe Zhang a few years ago. All of her family members were arrested for business fraud. Her parents couldn't deal with what happened so they killed themselves in prison by swallowing razor blades. And somehow, Jayne—or as we know her now—Hebe managed to escape from prison. She had been in the police's wanted list for years."

What Bun had told her made Linda think, 'Changing one's name as a way to avoid the police. It all made sense.

But why did she try to get close to Sean? Did she simply want to ruin Sean and Christina's relationship? Did she want them to be divorced?'

Because of the new information that was pouring out, Linda started to think that Hebe being close to Sean had been planned.

"I have more details. I'll send them all to you so you can read them by yourself. I never thought that Hebe would hide such a big secret! It's ridiculous," Bun told Linda. Since Linda didn't make any comments on the data that she had just given, Bun decided to let her read the files alone.

"Okay," Linda replied and then she hung up the phone. A few seconds later, she received the files from Bun and she started to skim over a few pages.

While Linda was reading the file, Sean and Hebe were still arguing with each other.

"Explain yourself, Hebe Zhang!" Sean shouted.

Since Hebe hadn't said anything but sorry, he felt really anxious. There was a lot of questions in his head but it didn't seem like Hebe wanted to answer any of them. If he was being honest with himself, Sean was getting more and more frustrated by the second.

"Please, stop asking me! I...I don't know," Hebe cried.

She covered her ears with her hands.

"Nurse, how much longer do you think the child can hold on?" Sean asked, frowning.

"Not for very long. One hour, tops. Stop wasting any time!" the nurse stated. A great sense of urgency was apparent in her voice.

Sean held on to Hebe's shoulders as if he was begging her. He then looked up at her, full of sorrow in his eyes. He asked, "Please, tell me. Who is the father? There's only one hour left. It's your s

. But something else is bothering me. I was told that the police is looking for you," Linda became serious instantly.

Hebe's face became livid upon hearing Linda's words.

"If I'm right, I should call you Jayne Zhang, right?" Linda casually said.

Taking a few steps back, Hebe said, "Linda Xia, what are you talking about? Wh-what do you want?"

"What do I want? I don't want anything. You really have so much nerve, don't you? You changed your name, got plastic surgery and even became a policewoman when the police are looking for you," Linda responded in distaste.

Linda thought that what Hebe did was actually brilliant. Nobody thought that a wanted criminal would even dare to become a policeman, so nobody checked her background thoroughly. Even though the police hadn't given up on finding where Jayne was, no one was able to find any clue.

"We're innocent. My family didn't do anything wrong. It was a false accusation. We didn't get involved in any business fraud or tax evasion. It was the Mu Clan's fault. In order to purchase our company, the Mus made up all sorts of lies. They're murderers! My parents died because of them!" Hebe cried out.

Her tears were about to fall down from her cheeks again.

Bun had sent Linda a picture of Hebe before she had done plastic surgery. In the picture, Hebe was a beautiful girl with long hair and clear eyes. Even though she wasn't that beautiful back then, she could be considered as an attractive woman.

"In order to avoid the police, you were even willing to make yourself look ugly through surgeries," Linda said slowly, giving Hebe a smile.

As all her old memories flashed back, Hebe became furious.

"You'd better stop Linda Xia. Don't think for a second that you can insult me when you're not a perfect woman either. I know you also had plastic surgery before!"

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