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   Chapter 922 Strange Things

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'Why is her cellphone turned off? Is there something wrong?' Sean wondered.

He tried to call a few more times to make sure that Hebe's phone was truly turned off. He first thought it might be just an error, but his heartbeat became faster when he was convinced he couldn't contact her.

Sean was bewildered about why would Hebe's phone be suddenly turned off. He clearly remembered that her phone was fully charged before they went out of the house.

"Is she okay? Why is she not answering your calls?" Linda asked.

Sean remained silent as he handed the phone back to Linda.

"Why would Hebe suddenly disappear at such a crucial time? Don't you think that's weird?" Linda asked again.

Sean suddenly grabbed Linda's collar as he heard her remark.

"Do you know something? Tell me the truth!"

Linda was startled by Sean's inquisition. She quickly pushed him away.

Sam, who saw how Sean threatened Linda, immediately drew a gun and pointed it to Sean.

Sean was horrified when he saw the gun. Cold sweat trickled down his spine. His feet grew weak that he could barely stand.

"Get off me! How dare you do that to me! Who do you think you are?!"

Linda lashed out.

"I'm sorry for that sudden outburst. Please, don't shoot me. I was just too anxious about Hebe," Sean apologized with fear and embarrassment in his tone.

"Alright, I forgive you. I'll even do you a favor and help you look for Hebe. Sam, take a look at the surveillance footage and find out where Hebe went."

"Yes, My Lady." Sam then rushed out of the room to complete the task Linda had given him.

Christina was perplexed by the turn of events. She pulled Linda's sleeve to hint her need for an explanation.

Linda noticed Christina's confused look so she waved her hand to signal that she would disclose everything later. They shared a discreet look as Christina nodded and then didn't press on the matter.

They waited silently for five minutes. Sam returned and updated Linda about Hebe.

"My Lady, I investigated the surveillance footage of the corridors and found out that Hebe is currently at the female toilet on the second floor."

Linda chuckled and stared at Sean. She then mocked him in a joyous tone, "The love of your life is in the toilet. Why are you still here? You should find her and embrace her in your arms."

Sean sneered at Linda but he didn't dare to talk back. Linda positioned herself as a mere spectator for this play. She wouldn't want to spoil the surprises that might happen. She just wanted to watch as the events grew more interesting.

"Christina, don't you want to follow him? You might witness some pretty interesting things."

Christina was still bewildered, but she nodded as Linda seemed to understand the current situation.

"Are you able to walk on your own?" Linda tried to search for a wheelchair that Christina could use.


ou as they draw out your blood. You need to do this for our child."

"But… But…"

Hebe continued to sob and wasn't able to voice out her words properly.

"But what?"

"But I also have blood type A!"

Hebe finally confessed due to the constant pressure from Sean. Her son's life was in grave danger so she had no other choice but to admit the truth.

Hebe figured that she couldn't keep it a secret anymore. They would have found out the truth sooner or later.

"You're also blood type A?"

Sean was stunned. He couldn't process what Hebe just said so he just repeated it over.

"That couldn't possibly be right! How could we be both blood type A when Cory is blood type B?!"

Linda heard Sean's bewilderment and couldn't help but mock him silently.

'Stupid Sean! It should be obvious by now that Cory isn't your son.'

However, Linda decided to hold her tongue. She was just a mere spectator of this show so she wanted to watch how everything would unfold. She wouldn't want to interrupt that interesting turn of events.

'It would be really fascinating to see how Hebe would tell Sean the truth.'

"I'm so sorry Sean. I didn't mean to lie to you but I was deeply in love with you. Please promise me that you're not going to leave me."

Hebe desperately embraced Sean as she continued to sob.

"What is that supposed to mean? What are you talking about? Does this mean that I'm not Cory's father? Then, who is?"

Sean's voice was full of hideous anger as he questioned Hebe.

He was overwhelmed by anger and hatred; his face gradually turned grim. He grabbed Hebe's hands and pushed her away from him.

Linda deviously watched the laughable drama in front of her. Her entertainment was put on hold when she received a call from Bun.

"My Lady, I did some further research about Hebe's background right after you left. I found some very strange and interesting things about that woman…"

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