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   Chapter 921 Hebe Goes Missing

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"Okay, Christina. You can do whatever you want," Linda replied, smiling.

As they spoke, she peeled an apple and passed it to Christina.

"By the way, there seemed to be some quarrel outside just now. What happened? I think I heard someone shouting. Was it Sean? Was I hallucinating or something?"

Christina asked as she took a small bite.

Linda nodded and confirmed, "You weren't. Sean is here."

"Why is he here?" Christina asked.

In a dissatisfied tone, Linda answered, "His son was hit by a car nearby. So he brought his son here for treatment."

Christina became morose as she heard this.

Linda wanted to take her words back the moment she had uttered them. How she regretted giving Christina this piece of information! The news might impact her already weak body, and extend the time it took for her to recover.

"How is the child now?"

"I am not sure about that. I heard from Anna that his legs were broken. I don't know whether that could be cured or repaired. I saw a lot of blood on the floor outside the operating room. I think it's severe."

"A lot of blood?"

Christina frowned.

"Yes. There's blood everywhere."

Christina sighed and said, "If you can save the kid, please do so. After all, he is just a child. He is innocent.

He has nothing to do with all of whatever happened."

"Don't worry, Christina. We won't do anything to harm the child. Anna is performing the surgery on him," Linda said.

Christina was relieved at Linda's words.

Soon, their conversation veered to other topics. On the other hand, Sean was racking his brain trying to find a way to bring the worried mother in.

But the security guard was too disciplined to let Hebe enter just like that. He had even locked the gate.

Sean walked up to the guard, anger etched on his face. The guard returned the look with full force.

"Don't even try, Sean. I am not letting your lover in. Forget about it."

"Let her in. She is the child's mother," Sean said, trying to rein in his patience. Sean had mustered all his patience to negotiate with the guard.

"No. I won't let her in," the guard insisted.

Sean had to now th

Linda asked coldly.

"Can I borrow your phone for a second? I want to call Hebe."

"Wasn't she outside just now? What happened? Did she run away?" Linda jeered.

Sean's face darkened. He felt that Linda was deliberately making fun of him.

But to him, his child was more important than his self-esteem. So he mustered his patience and explained, "Cory has a hemorrhage but the blood bank is running out of blood. My blood type is A. It doesn't match his blood type, so I have to find Hebe, so that she can transfer blood to Cory. Linda, I know you look down upon me and I know you don't like me, but please, could you please lend me your phone? I just need to make a short phone call. If Cory is saved, I promise I won't appear in your life ever again."

Linda broke into laughter. 'What is he talking about? Did he say that he knows I look down upon him and I don't like him?

He is just over-confident. My impression of him is much much worse, ' Linda thought with a huff.

But it was true that she didn't want him to appear in her life.

Which was why she passed him her phone.

'It isn't a surprise that his blood type is different from Cory's. Cory isn't his son after all. And the probability that they could be of the same blood type isn't high anyway, ' Linda concluded.

Sean quickly dialed Hebe's number. But all he heard was the cold voice that told him that the number he had dialed was not available.

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