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   Chapter 920 Respect Her Choice

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"No, Anna, listen to me. I believe that you're a great doctor. That's why I look for you."

Sean breathed in deeply.

"There is no difference between medical devices in different hospitals. Whether your child will survive depends on sheer luck," Anna explained patiently.

If given a choice, she wouldn't even want to talk to Sean.

As a person who disliked any form of disloyalty in marriage, she felt utterly uncomfortable talking to Sean.

She cut him off before he could say anything else. Treating Cory might be her responsibility, but conversing with Sean definitely wasn't.

At the same moment, Linda reached the hospital. From afar, she could see a woman standing at the main gate.

The woman was none other than Hebe.

Linda decided to ignore her and instructed the driver to drive in straight, but unexpectedly, Hebe seemed to have noticed her and ran forward to stop the car.

The driver had no choice but to step on the brakes.

Opening the window, he spat, "Are you crazy? What's wrong with you?"

Normally, this driver was patient and gentle, but he couldn't tolerate what Hebe had done.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry. My Lady, my son is in the hospital. I'm begging you, please let me in. I just want to know how he is."

"Tell her to get lost," Linda ordered.

Linda wasn't a kind person. She wouldn't feel guilty for not letting Hebe in.

Saving a life was the righteous thing to do, but allowing Hebe inside the hospital wasn't a part of that.

"Move away! Now!"

the driver yelled at Hebe.

Noticing that a woman was blocking a car from passing through, the security guard quickly ran over and pulled Hebe away.

"What are you doing? What if you get hit by the car?" he shouted.

Linda didn't even glance at Hebe. She just ordered the driver to drive to the underground parking lot.

The driver didn't want to waste his breath on the insane woman outside, so he closed the car window and followed Linda's orders.

Once the car was parked, Linda headed to the treatment room that Cory was in.

In the corridor outside the room, she saw Sean worriedly pacing back and forth. She couldn't help but find the whole situation funny. The child that Sean was worried about was actually another man's son.

But she had no intention of revealing that to him.

As she got closer to the room, she heard Sean

itation for Christina so that she would recover well.

After all, Christina wasn't too old for a kid. There was nothing wrong in not having a child around the age of thirty. As long as Christina was able to conceive, she could have a baby later.

The only thing was that, after the miscarriage, it might be even harder for her to conceive.

"I'm feeling much better now. I'm all right. Don't worry about me now."

"Good. Christina, after you get discharged, I'll ask Anna to plan for your recovery. Bun had a hard time getting pregnant, but after she took the Chinese medicine that Anna prescribed for her, she quickly conceived a baby. So don't worry, you'll have a baby as well."

Christina smiled at Linda.

"It's all right. I'm not too obsessed with having a baby right now. Whether I have a child or not, it doesn't make much difference to me. You and Charles have two kids already, right? So, it's not necessary for me to have a baby to pass down the Mu blood."

Looking out the window, Christina continued, "After I recover, I want to travel. I want to leave my footsteps in every corner of the world."

Linda thought to herself, 'If the quality of life when she is single is better than when she is attached, then maybe there is no need for her to marry someone.

Perhaps Christina just wants to enjoy the freedom of being single.

There is no written rule that says that a woman must marry or have a child. She can do whatever she wants to do.'

Linda could sympathize with Christina. She could see where she was coming from and respected her choice.

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