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   Chapter 919 Hit By A Car

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"Cory, be careful! Don't run around! Stay where you are!" Hebe shouted anxiously.

She wanted to rush to her son's side but there were too many cars on the road. A car was coming towards the little boy.

It was getting dark already in this season, so the dark background meant that the headlights shone extreme harshly. Cory's mind had blanked out on seeing the car moving towards him.

He was so frightened that he fell to the ground.

After all, he was just a five-year old kid and he was scared.

Sean stood there. The headlight was dazzling his eyes. He raised his arm to block the light but before he could recover, he heard a scream.

A car had hit Cory and run over his leg.

The driver parked his car alongside the road and got off the car. But the moment he saw Cory and his injuries, he got in his car and drove away.

"Son of a bitch! Stop! You hit my son! Come back here, you bastard!" Sean yelled. His anger knew no bounds.

But it obviously didn't bring the driver back. The car disappeared quickly around the corner.

Hebe rushed to Cory and crouched down. Her cheeks were wet with tears as she saw her son's badly injured leg.

Cory looked very pale, as if he was going to faint.

Hebe was now in the clutches of despair and her heart was pounding in her throat.

"Cory, my little boy, please stay awake! I'm going to get an ambulance. Don't be afraid. You will be fine. I promise," she said frantically.

Sean ran over to them.

"How's he? Is he badly hurt?" he asked.

And then, he saw Cory's leg drenched in scarlet. The sight of it was gory and hurt him more than anything had ever hurt him.

"I'm not sure, but he passed out from the pain. Sean, help him! Call the ambulance! He is my everything. I can't lose him!" Hebe couldn't stop crying.

Sean looked around and realized that the Mu Clan's private hospital was nearby.

It had sophisticated medical equipment and was nearby. So it was a smart choice for them given their situation.

As he thought this, he stood up quickly, carried Cory back into his car and made him lie down. And then he drove to the hospital.

A bodyguard stood at the hospital gates.

"Excuse me, how can I help you?" he asked, stopping the car before the gates.

"Please let me in. My son was hit by a

ent when she saw Sean standing there.

She said nothing for a moment, and then just turned and walked away.

Sean was shocked too. He had known that Christina was staying in this hospital but had forgotten all about it in the chaos.

Christina had seen the boy on her way to the yard. She didn't want to know whether the boy was Sean's son, who was born out of wedlock.

Anna was not going to perform the surgery on Cory.

She arranged for other doctors to do it and then prepared to get off work.

Sean had thought that Anna would be the one to do the surgery, but when he saw Anna taking off her white coat, he seized her by the arm and asked, "Where are you going? You aren't doing Cory's surgery?"

"No. I'm going to have dinner with Lady Linda," Anna said, trying to disengage herself from his grip.

"Anna, for old time's sake, could you please do the surgery personally? You are a great doctor and I trust you very much. I don't feel comfortable letting other doctors to do it. If Cory loses a leg, how will he live for the rest of his life?" Sean begged.

Anna smiled when she heard these words.

"Sean, don't you think you are asking too much? This is the Mu Clan's private hospital. You can't do whatever you want. Besides, the little boy is your son with the other woman. I want to save him only because of my protective instincts, but that's all. If you want me to do the surgery in person, I'm telling you, the boy doesn't deserve it," she said and left immediately, without a backward glance.

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