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   Chapter 918 A Flashing Car

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Hebe could not help but feel heartbroken while watching her son. It had only been one week but it seemed as if he lost weight again.

"My dear boy, everything will be alright. If you don't want to go back to your boarding school, then you can go home everyday, okay? You can always go back home with me."

"Mother, is that a promise? You can't take that back, okay?"

"Yes, I promise."

Cory finally stopped sobbing and then he buried himself in the arms of his mother.

"Sean, please look after our son. I will go to the school office to ask about the proper procedures to get Cory discharged from school. I think there are still some people inside the office at this time."

Sean nodded.

He approached Cory and patted him on the head.

Cory lifted his head and noticed Sean.

"Hi, Uncle Sean! It's nice to see you again!" Cory greeted Sean.

"Hello, Cory! Have you been a good boy? Do you want me to buy you some snacks? Let's go! I will buy you whatever you want!"

There were a myriad of shops near the kindergarten that were selling food for children. All of the kids in the area would always go there to buy their favorite treats. Sean was eager to take the chance to make up to his child. As a father, he actually had very little chance to see Cory. He was always afraid to meet with him because he didn't want other people to find out that Cory was his son.

Now, he had nothing to fear! He would cherish this opportunity to spend some quality time with his son.

"Sure, I want some snacks. Let's buy some ice cream!"

Cory was still a kid after all. As soon as he heard that Sean was willing to buy him whatever he wanted, his mood immediately became very positive. All of his sadness was forgotten because of the sudden excitement.

A simple statement brought his son so much joy. The thought of making his son happy was fulfilling for Sean.

Sean extended his hand to Cory who quickly ran towards him to put his little hand in his.

"Can I also have candied strawberries, please? I have been asking for that from mother everyday but she won't buy me some. She said that if I eat that, it will stick to my teeth and my teeth will rot off."

"Okay, okay. I will buy it for you. Just one stick, okay? What your mother said is true. It will stick to your teeth and they will rot off. If they all fall off from your mouth then you can't eat anything else. We wouldn't want that, do we?"

Cory excitedly nodded while following Sean

ck to their car. After making sure that Hebe and Cory were properly seated, Sean started the engine and drove the car away.

After about ten minutes on the road, Hebe suddenly remembered that they would be arriving at the highway soon.

"Sean, we forgot to buy some food. It's going to take us more than three hours on the highway, right? We won't be able to buy anything once we get on the highway."

Hebe was right. The nearest resting station would be a two-hour drive. It was already half past four in the afternoon. By the time they reached the resting station, it would already be too late. He and Hebe might not be very particular about dinner but Cory wouldn't be able to withstand the hunger.

The only thing that Cory ate the whole afternoon was the half-finished candied strawberries. Cory would surely be hungry soon. After thinking for a few minutes, Sean answered, "Good idea. Let's buy some food and then we can eat it in the car. I am not picky. Just choose the food that you and Cory would like."

There was something else on Sean's mind. Once they arrived at his hometown, he would have Cory's surname changed to his. Cory was his son. He would not allow his son to have another man's surname.

It didn't take them long to reach the convenience store.

As soon as he had their car parked, Cory opened the door and ran out. He and Hebe were chatting with each other so they didn't notice that Cory had already run off.

By the time that he was out of the car, it was already too late. Everything happened so fast. All that they were able to see were the flashing lights of the car that was charging at them from behind.

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