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   Chapter 917 Pick Up Our Son

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Sean let out a wry smile when he mentioned about Hebe's husband.

Somehow, he felt sorrow at the thought that his woman had called someone else "husband" for five years.

Steve Chen, Hebe's husband, had to travel to a lot of places for work. He was an engineer who had been working on projects around the world. Sometimes, when a project would require a lot of working hours, he wouldn't be able to come home for several months.

Hebe froze at Sean's question for a few seconds. She had been so happy recently that she totally forgot about her husband and that they hadn't divorced yet.

"What should I do? How could I completely forget about him?" Hebe responded. It suddenly dawned on her that she was still married.

Hebe had no feelings for her Steve Chen, because he was never home. In the years that they were married, she felt like they didn't really share their lives together. They would only talk on the phone a few times a month. And although he was diligent in proving financial assistance for Cory, he didn't spend that much time with the child. So there were actual times when Hebe would forget that she had a husband. "Send him a message that you want a divorce. After all, we're leaving tomorrow. Word might come to him that you left home. It would be best if he heard it from you," Sean suggested.

Hebe nodded and took out her phone but she didn't know what to write. How could she tell Steve about all of the things that had happened? How could she tell him that she didn't really love him?

Steve Chen was Hebe's classmate. He had fallen in unrequited love with Hebe since elementary school. Hebe knew him as a simple and honest man.

Although Steve had been running around for work all these years, he treated Hebe and his son really well. Every time he came back home, he brought a lot of gifts for Hebe and her son.

No one knew except Hebe that Cory's biological father was Steve.

Hebe was already pregnant when she had sex with Sean.

But she didn't love Steve. All she felt for him was gratitude but not love. Whenever she would think about her memories with Steve, she felt nothing, not even guilt or pity. There was only Sean for her and she wanted to spend the rest of her life with him.

The reason why she married Steve was that her family had gone broke. Steve let her stay in his home at that time. He took care of her and provided f

s expression. He felt strange. 'Why was her expression like that? Is she worried about something? Is something wrong?' the thoughts poured out in his head.

"Hebe, don't overthink too much. I'll take good care of you and our son. So that Cory will accept me as his father," Sean said in a consoling voice.

Cory had spent time with Sean a lot of times already. But he always called Sean as "uncle." How should she tell Cory that Sean was his actual father?

He would be too young to know the truth.

Sean had been a respectable public figure when he was still married to Christina. If Cory had made a mistake of calling Sean as "father" and it had been heard by people, Sean's career would have been ruined a long time ago. So she had never told Cory that Sean was his real father. The class was just finished when they reached the kindergarten.

Cory had been waiting at the gate. He dashed into Hebe's arms the moment he saw them.

Since it was a boarding kindergarten, Cory hadn't seen Hebe for a week. He was thrilled to see her.

"I miss you so much, mother," Cory cried in Hebe's arms.

"Sweetie, I miss you, too," Hebe comforted him.

"I don't want to come back to the kindergarten anymore. I want to stay at home with you," Cory whined.

The boarding school really made him sad. Every Monday to Thursday, the other kids' parents would always come to pick up their children. Only him and his several companions would be left to stay in the school. He couldn't bear it anymore. He was still a young kid who needed a lot of attention and care from their parents.

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