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   Chapter 916 What About Your Husband

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Linda had always doubted Hebe's identity, so she wanted Bun to do some research to check if Hebe was hiding anything.

The reason for her suspicion was simple. Hebe seemed to be an ordinary woman in every sense, but this seemingly ordinary woman was ruining Sean's otherwise harmonious family. 'She must have her own secret charms, ' Linda speculated.

For example, Hebe's special weapon was tenderness.

Perhaps Hebe would act fragile and cute when she was with Sean so that he would pity her and give her more attention.

Christina, on the other hand, was completely different. As the eldest daughter of the Mu Clan, she was born to be a queen.

And because of that, she would never give in to Sean as easily, regardless of what the matter was. She was a proud woman and tended to overpower Sean.

Maybe the difference between the two women's attitudes had made Sean fall for Hebe instead of Christina.

Linda had heard stories about Sean. She knew that if not for Hebe's pregnancy, Sean wouldn't have gone so far on the wrong track. But the mistake had been committed. There was no way for him to make up for that.

But there was another question. How did Hebe conceive the baby so easily?

It was supposed to be her first time, and to become pregnant wasn't really an easy thing.

Was it just a coincidence? There had been too many coincidences to the point that Hebe's pregnancy was now too good to be true.

As Linda put her mind to thinking about the situation, Bun discovered something on the report.

"Wait! Hebe's blood type is A, but her child's blood type is B. And as far as I can remember, Sean's blood type is also A. Am I wrong?" Bun said, frowning.

Linda turned probing eyes on her and asked, "What does that mean?"

Bun smiled as she shook her head. "My Lady, I have seen Sean's health reports. I think his blood type is A. How could two people of blood type A give birth to a child with blood type B?"

"Then do you mean that… That the child's father is not Sean?"

"Probably. But I can't say for sure. Maybe I made a mistake about his blood type," Bun said.

"Okay. I'll call Christina to confirm Sean's blood type,"

Linda said, dialing Christina's number on her phone.

The call had barely connected when Linda blurted out the question.

"Christina, I have an urgent question. What is Sean's blood type?"

"Hmm? Should be type A. Why?" Christina said.



After they were seated, Sean said, out of nowhere, "Hebe, after we return to my hometown, just stay at home to take care of Cory. You should stop going to work. I don't feel comfortable leaving our son in the kindergarten of daycare. He might not be brought up the way we want him to be brought up in."

Hebe was stunned to hear that, not sure where all of this was coming from. Nevertheless, she nodded and said, "Alright. I'll do that."

Sean hadn't missed the hint of apprehension that had passed her face. He scooped her into his arms and assured her, "Hebe, I'll earn enough money to support the family. You can take rest."

"Okay," Hebe said again, nodding.

In the past five years, she had given her whole heart to the man who was holding her tight, to the man who was promising to bear the entire family's financial burden.

She had never before dared to dream about standing beside Sean.

But now, with things turning out as they had, she had to seize every chance to be with Sean.

On the other hand, Sean could no longer stand spending another minute in this city.

As long as he breathed in the air of this city, he felt and would feel utterly uncomfortable.

"We'll leave after we pick up our son tomorrow. In the evening. How about it? My hometown isn't far from SH City. It will take us just three hours to drive there," Sean suggested.

"Good! No problem. I'll clear the room later and pack our things. It's just nice that the contract for renting this house will end soon."

At this moment, a question popped up in Sean's mind. "By the way, what about your husband?"

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