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   Chapter 913 In Poor Health

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Hebe felt very upset because it seemed like Sean still cared about Christina a lot. She felt a wave of jealousy poured over her.

Caressing Hebe's cheeks gently, Sean tried to comfort her.

"Honey, I'll be right back," he said in a low reassuring voice.

However, his touches and words failed. Hebe couldn't control her emotions. "You're having a divorce. She is going to be your ex-wife soon. What happened to her is none of your business anymore. You don't need to take care of her. Shouldn't you care more about me and our son?" Hebe raised her voice a little, getting emotional.

Sean was surprised at Hebe's words. She had never lashed out at him before. It sounded like Hebe had become a new person that he knew nothing about. She used to be so nice to him.

Looking at the surprised expression on Sean's face, Hebe was surprised by how she acted as well. She realized at once that she shouldn't have scolded him on such matters.

Forcing a smile on her face, Hebe changed her tone. "I-I mean, okay, honey. I'll wait for you at home. I...I was just messing with you. Please come home early. I'll cook and we can have dinner together."

She knew that she had to say something nice and take remedial action.

Sean sighed with relief. That was the woman he knew. She was always nice and kind.

"Let me drive you home first," he said.

Both of them had just lost their jobs. Since they just got out of the security bureau's office, they were still carrying their things. Hebe would never be able to take all of those home without his help, and he couldn't take them to the hospital either. So he decided to drive her home and put down their things first.

Hebe nodded with a smile. She continued to hide the jealousy that she had been feeling and tried really hard to control her emotions this time.

Right after he drove Hebe home and placed down all of their things, he left at once. He was very worried about Christina that he didn't notice the melancholy expression on Hebe's face when he left really quickly.

Even though the servant hadn't been able to tell him where Christina had been sent to, he knew exactly where she would be. She must have been sent to the Mu Clan's private hospital. Since he had been married to her for five years, he had been to her family's private hospital a lot of times before.

However, he was stopped right at the gate by a security man that he recognized as Lee.

When Lee saw Sean, he pretended as if he didn't know the man. He told him that it was a private hospital and he couldn't go inside without permission.

It seemed that the security man had already known about his divorce with Christina. Sean felt a little surprised at how quickly this news spread. Charles

word "divorce."

Christina spoke so plainly that it sounded like she was just saying something normal, like something that one would say on a daily basis.

Sean was the one who brought up getting a divorce. But now that they were in the process of actually going through it, his heart was suddenly filled with fear.

He had been married to Christina for five years. Even though he didn't love her anymore, he was used to being around with her. She was more like a family member to him now.

The thought of divorcing and losing Christina forever suddenly frightened him.

When he came into the room, he didn't even dare to look into Christina's eyes. Because in reality, he didn't know what to say to her or even what kind of expression he should have.

"Have a seat. I just woke up and I want to eat something first. Then we can get a divorce this afternoon," Christina said, smiling at Sean.

Christina's voice sounded calm so Sean found the confidence to raise his head. Sean looked up at her and was greeted by the smile on her face. He immediately noticed how elegant her posture was even when she was sick.

It seemed that Christina had changed. She was no longer the woman who yelled at him yesterday. She had already changed back to a lady.

The way she was treating him right then reminded him of the days before they were married. Back then, she was very kind and nice.

"Are you okay? Our servant told me that you passed out yesterday," Sean said. Worry was evident in his voice.

"It's not a big deal. I'm always in poor health," she said.

Right after she finished speaking, a nurse came into the room and placed some food on the table. It was easy to tell that those were nutritious food recommended by nutritionists.

Christina slowly began to eat, more like a lady than a patient.

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