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   Chapter 912 Christina Passed Out

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"Why are you sitting in my chair? I haven't resigned or lost my job yet. You have no right to enter my office without my permission," Sean sternly said.

"Oh really? You didn't hear what happened yesterday? You got fired. So this is not your office anymore. I can do whatever I want in this room. It's none of your business. We all know that you cheated on Christina. People from the Mu Clan will never let you go. I can imagine that you will live a miserable life in the future. All you can do now is pray or beg for yourself every day," Hugh mocked him as he laughed his heart out.

After which, he settled himself comfortably in Sean's chair and crossed his legs. The smug smirk on his face could not have been more prominent.

"I told you. Get out of my office," Sean looked Hugh in the eye and replied calmly.

"You sound like you don't believe me. It's okay. This is your pink slip. You can read it by yourself," Hugh said as he threw the paper in front of Sean.

Sean picked up the paper and knew that he was dismissed from his position.

But he showed little to no signs of emotion. Because he knew that it was bound to happen sooner or later.

Sean ignored Hugh and then began to pack up his things. He wanted to take away something that was really important to him.

"What are you doing? I've already packed up all of your things and placed them outside. You can just leave, Director Zhang. Oh, I'm sorry. You're not the director now," Hugh said with a contemptuous laugh.

Sean looked around and began opening all the boxes outside.

He looked everywhere but he couldn't find his favorite models selection.

Those models were gifts from Christina to him.

He wanted to take away those models to remember Christina. After all, they had stayed together for seven years. Although they were already separated, he had been in love with her.

"Where are my models? Did you see them?" Sean controlled his anger and asked Hugh. He told himself not to do anything rash. Otherwise, he would punch Hugh as hard as he could.

"What kinds of models?" Hugh asked.

"Don't play dumb with me. You already know the answer," Sean responded quickly.

"Oh, let me see. I suppose you're talking about the models you left on the counter. The cleaning staff threw them away when she cleaned the room this morning," Hugh responded as he shrugged his shoulders.

"What?! What are you talking about? She threw them away?" Sean shouted as he suddenly grabbed Hugh by his collars. He co

ask Charles for help when Sean was in trouble. All of these made Sean lose his sense of achievement. That was not what he wanted.

Charles was a cold man and he was only concerned with Linda. Although he was Charles' brother-in-law for many years, they had never become true friends.

"Don't worry. Everything is going well. Let's go," Hebe responded as she held Sean's hand.

She then turned around and saw some of her colleagues looking at them through the window.

"Honey, just leave it. It's time to go home. Let's go," Sean told her and patted her hand, noticing where Hebe was looking at.

Suddenly, Sean's phone rang. It was the servant of the Mu Clan. He frowned at the phone's screen and thought, 'Is there something wrong with Christina?'

He quickly picked up the phone and the servant's urgent voice came from the phone.

The servant didn't know that he had broken up with Christina. So she immediately called Sean when Christina had an issue.

"Master Sean, do you know where Lady Christina is? She passed out and went to the hospital yesterday. But she isn't home yet. I'm so worried. Is everything okay?" the servant asked.

"Don't worry. I will go to the hospital and check on her," Sean comforted the servant and hung up the phone.

Sean didn't even know that Christina was sick. Instantly, he became worried about her. He would certainly visit her in the hospital.

After all, they hadn't officially signed the divorce agreement yet. She was still his wife and he had loved her in the past.

"Christina passed out yesterday. She's in the hospital now. I will go and check on her. You can go home first," Sean said to Hebe.

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