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   Chapter 911 Resignation

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Sometimes when Hebe had to work late on Friday, she wasn't able to pick up her son till 9 pm. Her son would wait for her quietly at school. He never cried but just did his homework by himself while waiting for her. It was one of the things that they had to go through all these years.

The house was small but Sean didn't think it was a big deal.

Hebe was embarrassed as she watched Sean clean to help her.

"Sean, you used to live in a big house. It must be uncomfortable for you to stay in such a small place," she said in a low voice, almost ashamed to say the words herself.

Sean smiled and answered, "What are you talking about, Hebe? It doesn't matter whether the house is big or small as long as it feels like home. Besides, it's only fair that I'll help you with your chores to make up for all those years that I was not here. Tomorrow, I'll pick up our son with you."

Hebe nodded with a smile.

Even after so many years of loving each other, that was only the second time that Hebe and Sean could spend the whole night sleeping together.

The first time was the night when they first had sex. After that, Sean would often come to her place but he had never stayed overnight because Christina would always wait for him at home. If he hadn't come home around midnight, Christina would keep calling him and ask a lot of questions about his whereabouts.

And Sean wasn't good at lying. He couldn't make up any good reasons for him not to come home.

Now Sean finally could fall asleep with Hebe nestled in his arms.

However, Hebe couldn't sleep all night.

She found out that she had unwillingly fallen in love with Sean, very deeply. She had been holding back her feelings all those years and did not allow herself to admit anything because she knew that it was wrong. Sean was not for hers to love. But now that she could freely love him, all the emotions that she had been keeping poured out. If only, Christina's marriage to Sean was the only problem.

As she lay next to Sean, Hebe couldn't help but sigh. 'If so, let the wrong be wrong. There's nothing to do but make the best out of it, '

Hebe thought to herself.

'I'll do anything to conceal the truth and would bring it with me to my grave, ' Hebe concluded.

If Sean should find out the truth, he would definitely leave her. But she loved him and wanted to be with him for the rest of her life even in a dishonorable way.

The next day, Sean and Hebe both had to go to w

ew that if the resident registration file was wrong, it could easily be corrected. The Bureau would never expel a police officer just because of such a small mistake.

Hebe was only fired because of her affair with Sean.

"Go and pack your things at your work station. I will deal with the resignation," Sean told Hebe.

'Hebe did nothing wrong. It's all my mistake, and I'll deal with the tough things myself, ' Sean thought.

Hebe nodded in reply and then went to her station to pack. All she could think about at the moment was to listen to Sean and did as told.

Sean went to his office to pack his things, only to find out that all of his stuff was heaped outside of the office.

He couldn't help but frown.

As he opened the door and walked in, he saw the Deputy Director, Hugh. Ever since he started his job at the Bureau, Hugh didn't like him. So it was no surprise that he was there sitting on Sean's seat with his legs crossed as he wore a huge smirk on his face. It seemed that he had been there waiting for Sean.

"Mr. Zhang, you're here," Hugh greeted.

"Why are you in my office? Get out!" Sean roared with furrowed brows.

"Oh sorry, I should have told you that you had been fired. I would feel sorry for you if I'm not astonished by your bravery. Mr. Zhang, how bold of you to have an affair when you were married to the Lady of the Mu Clan! If I were you, I would stay with her all the time to guard our love,"

Hugh mocked him.

But Sean just ignored his remarks. The news was not surprising to him. He had already thought of this result, and even if he hadn't been fired, he would have quit himself.

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