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   Chapter 910 Let Sean Off

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Christina was feeling very guilty, believing that if she was in better condition and if she wasn't so agitated or depressed, perhaps her unborn baby could have survived. She really wanted to have a baby.

And even if Sean wouldn't share the custody of her baby with her, Christina still planned to give birth to the baby.

Meanwhile, Linda immediately walked up to Christina's bed and sat down at her side when she saw how Christina looked so agitated and in despair. "Christina, don't be so sad or worried. It's going to be fine. You need to take a deep breath first. Let's not remember or mention such an unpleasant thing from now on,"

she comforted in a low voice, taking Christina's hand and gently rubbing it.

However, the ward door was opened right then.

James and Violet came there to see Christina.

James felt sorry for Christina when he saw her cry bitterly.

He had already heard of Sean's affair.

This time, James really got very furious, thinking that Sean was so reckless and irresponsible.

"Don't cry, Christina. Don't worry. I will help you teach Sean a lesson. He has gone way too far this time. I must punish him severely,"

James said with a grim face.

James was gentle and calm all the time. He didn't get very angry easily.

After the age of 40, James always kept peaceful, and the indignant expression on his face would only show from time to time.

But that day, James was really irritated, fuming with rage.

"Go and find Sean,"

James ordered, waving at the man who followed him there.

"Yes, My Lord," the man responded obediently.

"Uncle James, please leave Sean alone. He doesn't love me anymore. It's useless to punish him. I'm fine,"

Christina uttered, stretching out her hand to reach James in an attempt to stop him.

"We have to get back at him. We can't just let him off after he has done such a reckless thing. Ordinary men who cheat on their wives would definitely be beaten up, let alone Sean who has married you. Now that he has cheated on you, one of our Mu Clan members, I will surely help you make him pay for what he has done. I will not let you endure the torment alone or let that bastard lead a peaceful life," James said with gritted teeth as he tried to make Christina understand.

"Please. Don't punish him. It's my fault from the very beginning. Now, I finally understand why you tried to persuade me in the past to marry a man from a clan with the same social rank as ours. Sean doesn't come from a rich and powerful clan, so he believes that I look down on him all the time. He also feels a sense of shame in front of his relatives and friends when he's together with me and becomes my husband. Some people have always judged him and said that he was only able to get a high position i

Christina and he should go back to being poor now that he left her. He should only experience the better life with Christina," James agreed.

"If he can't get any money or property after he divorces Christina, I don't think he would have enough money to raise his son and lead a good life with his mistress. This mistress of him also works in the Public Security Bureau, right?" James asked. When he saw a few nods, he continued, "Then that is such a reckless and shameful thing to do for a police officer. I think she also doesn't deserve to work in there anymore."

Linda listened to their conversation in silence without uttering a single word. She thought that Sean's behavior was really disgusting.

She also felt pity for Christina, hoping that she would lead a better life from now on. And on the other hand, she hated Sean so much and wanted such a heartless man to have a more miserable life.

Meanwhile, on the other part of the city, Hebe just got back home after staying in the hospital for two days. Only a few soft tissues of her body were injured, so she would fully recover after a few days of rest.

However, the wound on her forehead was a little severe as Christina threw the high-heeled shoe towards her very hard.

Hebe wasn't a native in the city and didn't have her own house, so she had to rent an apartment to have a place to live in.

Sean followed her back to her apartment which covered an area of only about 30 square meters.

Hebe's son studied in the boarding kindergarten as Hebe didn't have that much time to take care of her son.

It was Thursday then, and her son would come back on Friday.

What made Hebe pleased was that her son was well-behaved and would always listen to her. He didn't cry or refuse to go to the kindergarten after he knew that he was going to study in a boarding kindergarten.

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